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.'s important message to Conservatives: "Anyone who professed to care about the anti-Semitism of some Jeremy Corbyn supporters who is not up in arms about their own party's MEPs supporting Hungary's fascist regime is a hypocrite, a liar and a fraud."
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100 MEPs have signed a letter urging Britain not to quit the EU. If they truly wanted us to stay, they would offer a looser arrangement. Instead, they inform us that Brexit will be a "disaster" and tell us to change our minds. They really don't get us, do they?
Tomorrow Labour MEPs will vote to hold Viktor Orban's government in Hungary to account. The Conservatives must do the same, and should condemn his attacks on judicial and media independence, denial of refugee rights, and pandering to antisemitism and Islamophobia.
The ‘transition period’ is indefinite and unless we request to leave and then the EU leaders agree, is in place for the rest of the century. During this time, we are invisible with no vote, veto, voice, MEPs, commissioner. We are locked in and have to pay whatever they say
BREAKING: Worst possible outcome in the European Parliament copyright vote: MEPs vote for #uploadfilters , #linktax, a narrow #TDM exception for data-mining, no #freedomofpanorama—plus a new IP right for sports organizers.
Since @BBCNews appear to have missed it, 1.2 million people voted @greenparty, we came ahead of LIbdems, & increased our no. of MEPs by 50%
Violation of judicial independence in #Spain:

15 MEPs send today a Written Question to the European Commission with the leaks of emails exchanges between Spain's judges against Catalan pro-independence leaders
'This isn't the House of Commons' - EU Vice President chides Tory and UKIP MEPs for heckling
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Shameful that Tory MEPs supported Viktor Orban’s far-right regime. It is unacceptable for to say she was not consulted. As party leader she must condemn their actions.
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