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And again a massive thank you too all the hard work put in for #NoControlDay ! Amazing to hear radio playing it !
Oh dear God. Massive R.I.P to Chester Bennington of @linkinpark this BREAKS OUR HEART. Suicide is the devil on earth walking amongst us 😞
The U.S. Army detonates a massive swastika at the Nuremberg rally grounds, 1945.
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Massive thank you again to @OfficialBBMAs ! And of course our incredible fans for making tonight so special for us !
MASSIVE congrats to @LittleMix . Every time there's a chance to kill a live performance,they do it .Also congratulations on your first Brit
How much longer will the failing nytimes, with its big losses and massive unfunded liability (and non-existent sources), remain in business?
Massive love to all our fans!! So incredibly supportive! Loveeeee
A massive thank you to all the crew and friends who make the show happen every night, thank you for everything.
A massive thank you to @jamielawsonuk for coming with us this tour. A lovely man, travel safe. H
And am blessed with the best job in the world massive thank you to @AttitudeMag for having me along and for everyone who enjoyed reading
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