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"Who can puts in, who can't takes". A basket was hung in Naples, Italy so people can donate or take food for free, as country struggles to contain the spread of #COVID19 . Ciro De Luca, Reuters

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WATCH: Luca the parrot warns the world to practice social-distancing in Hebrew, echoing official health warnings, “There is corona, don’t go out. It’s dangerous!"

A basket for people to leave or take donations hangs in Naples, Italy on March 30, 2020. The sign reads, in Italian: "Who can, puts in. Who can't, takes." 📸: Ciro De Luca / @Reuters 

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A priest celebrates mass on the roof of the Santa Maria della Salute church, as Italy struggles to contain the spread of #COVID19 , in Naples, Italy March 29, 2020. Ciro De Luca, Reuters

Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy are often almost unrecognizable behind their masks, scrubs, gloves and hairnets — their only barrier to contagion. 📷: Domenico Stinellis, Antonio Calanni, Luca Bruno via AP Photo

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Graffiti art depicting medical staff holding a figure shaped as a boot representing Italy and reading "To you all… Thanks, " is painted on the side of a hospital. 📸: Luca Bruno, @AP 

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Hard at work this morning - Luca & Amelie with Mrs it!!

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"In Messina in Sicily, the voice of the city's mayor Cateno De Luca booms through speakers on drones that fly overhead, yelling: "What the hell are you doing outside? You don't go out! That is the mayor's order and that's that, I'll get you one-by-one."

One of the fastest rising LT prospects in Southern California is Anton Ambuehl 6'6" 275 Calabasas HS. Excellent footwork and great athleticism. A leader with a competitive nature. 3.2 GPA. As the frame to weigh 320 @AmbuehlAnton  Brother of Duke QB Luca Diamont.

Knowing how Italians speak, I'm confident that mayor Cateno de Luca used a stronger term than "what the hell" as he droned the disobedient.


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Grab your tissues for this one! ? A Midstate father surprised his son, Luca, after being stationed away for nearly a year. SHARE this and help spread the love. ❤ Watch the full interview with Luca and dad here >>

H’m. So it’s ok to call Don Jr “Fredo.” But when someone uses the term for @ChrisCuomo  he threatens to go Luca Brasi on him

⚫️⚪ @juventusfc  summer transfers: ? Matthijs de Ligt (£67.5m) ? Cristian Romero (£23.4m) ? Luca Pellegrini (£20m) ? Merih Demiral (16.2m) ? Aaron Ramsey (free) ? Adrien Rabiot (free) ? Gianluigi Buffon (free) ? Incredible business as always.

-Luca (3yo son): My favorite players are : 1. Danny Green 2. Vince Carter 3. Michael Jordan 4. Bryn 5. Lamarcus. ?? And you sixth, dad. ????

Knowing I have 0 cred on the doping issue - I still can't help but think, "really Luca'>Di Luca? Are you that fucking stupid??"

@Luca_Fleri both preferably ! Just get into that comfort zone on stage!

Welcome to the World Luca Cruz Comrie! Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound 6 ounce beautiful boy.