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There's love stories. Pain happiness. It's 3 dementional. There's taste touch sound. It's the most entertaining for of entertainment. Just being. We believe time is a man made construct. Actually time and money are both man made currency. Because you can spend them both.
I actually love penis.
Like, I'm not even joking.
My craving for it is immeasurable and I just want everybody to know it.
Have a great day.
Arguing with one person is arguing with one person not everyone. to the rest of you who actually are fans of us I love you
Not feeling so good. Actually pretty sick. Pulling it together. Argentina we got a show to do. Love u.
“@possiblydana: I don't think any of the boys actually truly like Ben except maybe harry and Niall”well that's a lie! We all love him
Big weekend for the team! Congrats @scooterbraun and @yael on the wedding. We killed that Love Actually surprise! And now....!!!!
Why did the Russians really turn it up in 2016? Because @realDonaldTrump gave them the greenest of lights. He actually invited them to hack. And his family & campaign were eager (“I love it”) to receive the dirt they had. #TrumpRussia
Wow. Actually speechless. Can't actually put how I feel into words. I love you guys so much. Best thing that's ever happens to me
Excited for Cardiff. I actually love it there !!
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