18 outfit ideas for engagement photos you'll actually love https://t.co/Cy0DHqu51Z
@AnaPaulaVolei @gagundo I absolutely love critiquing journalists and the media. It's important to do so. But it's important the critique actually makes any sense
Girl just walked up to me and said "Michael Ian Black, I love you! Actually, no I don't." She didn't request a picture.
'I Was in the Love Island 2016 Villa and This Is What It's Actually Like' https://t.co/5xGVQHH6Nr
"I Was in the Love Island 2016 Villa and This Is What It's Actually Like" https://t.co/5xGVQHH6Nr
Love Island's Dom has coupled up with Tyla, but will anything actually happen? https://t.co/RtQok12FHE
'I was in the Love Island 2016 villa and this is what it's actually like' https://t.co/0XGflETSI0
[Mothership] We love to say “sweet until got diabetes”, but that’s not actually true. https://t.co/O3FveVv6ng #SGnews
@campaignforleo @IrelandFundsYLs @IrishTimes Taoiseach pays tribute to film career of Grace Kelly, mother of Prince Albert who is at dinner. "Love Actually is not the only film I like. "
Brief encounter but no Love Actually for Maybot and taoiseach https://t.co/R7QD7wECjF
But for those I do like, I'm all in. I actually like and probably love you. That's happened very few times. But the unbridled joy is gr8...
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