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Two GOP members of Congress are battling over President Trump's foreign policy. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney engaged in a rapid-fire exchange of tweets in which he suggested she is a warmonger and she called him a "loser."

Will euro try on a crown? Mario Draghi may leave the post of the ECB president as a winner or as a loser It is believed that the ECB is not a one-man show. Decisions are made collectively, by the majority of votes; however, Mario Draghi has many t…

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Macron: President Trump, what do you think we should do about the Amazon? Trump: Shut it down. Bezos owns the Washington Post. Loser. Macron: No, the Amazon. It’s on fire. Trump: It’ll fail. Bezos is a huge loser. Macron: Sir, I mean THE Amazon. Trump: You mean tall chicks?

@WalshFreedom  STFU, ass-breath. You were a ONE-TERM legislator who just lost his radio show. LOSER!! Our wonderful President will justifiably make mincemeat of you in debates.

@imnotafatloser  @realDonaldTrumpH  @CNNey , not a fat loser: who here is the "president, " me or that syphilitic slug squatting in the White House?

Trump's business model was predatory: get rich by deceiving customers, cheating suppliers. His model of the world economy is also predatory: trade is bad, there must be a loser for every winner. You might say Trump was our first Marxist president. And Marxism is now failing again

Loser President @realDonaldTrump ⁩ “more focused on his Twitter account than on delivering on his promises,” voters say.

President Trump Eyes a New Real-Estate Purchase: Greenland.... Great! Let’s have the whole country go in on another Trump loser like the Plaza or Jones Beach.

HUDDLE’S WEEKLY LOSER: President Trump - Even as he visited victims & first responders from the horrific shootings, he not only Tweet punched at his opponents, but also bragged about his crowd size during a hospital visit.

The big loser of tonight's debate? Former President of the United States and current Instagram influencer Barack Obama.


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@SadiqKhan , who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me......

Why was the FBI’s sick loser, Peter Strzok, working on the totally discredited Mueller team of 13 Angry & Conflicted Democrats, when Strzok was giving Crooked Hillary a free pass yet telling his lover, lawyer Lisa Page, that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming President? Witch Hunt!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan compared President Trump to an 11-year-old child during Trump's visit to the UK. His comment comes in response to the US President calling Khan "a stone cold loser."

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan compared President Trump to an 11-year-old child during the President's visit to the UK. It comes in response to Trump calling Khan "a stone cold loser."

I saw focus groups of Trump voters in 2016. They thought the fact he was a hugely successful businessman would make him a successful president. The fact he was a loser in business will hurt him. And that is why he’s kept his taxes secret.

London Mayor@SadiqKhan  says President Trump's tweet calling him 'a stone cold loser' is "the sort of hate I expect from an 11-year-old," adding "it's beneath me to do childish tweets and name calling."

Breaking News Merck has joined Pfizer and Novartis freezing drug prices and pledging to keep future price hikes down. Purists say the president is picking winners and loser - in this case the former are Americans paying sky-high medical costs to stay alive. Your thoughts?

John Kerry is a loser. Our prayers would be answered if he runs against President Trump.