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NEW: ‘I’ll send Boris to the House of Lords’. Meet the 25-year-old Labour hopeful trying to unseat the PM

Obviously this is bad but in a perverse way it's gratifying to see billionaire tech lords abase themselves before Trump. Tim Cook and Zuck being like "so good, nice and dry" when this porridge-brained old shitheel asks them how their burgers are.

75% of US adults have heard about Bitcoin. But their information doesn’t always come from reliable sources. Whether they believe it’s magic internet money or a vehicle for drug lords and pedophiles, here are the 5 biggest Bitcoin misconceptions around.

The firm, lords of strategy. But the best one is rarely in print, you’re not supposed to have, and will cost like $150

How the f*** do you guys still have a house of lords

The St. Thomas More Knights, ranked No. 1 in Canada among high school football teams, kept rolling Wednesday with a convincing 47-21 victory over the Lords'>Nelson Lords in the GHAC championship #HamOnt  @HWCDSB 

Question 3: in 2018 we launched a new clip download service at where anyone can download video from the Commons, Lords, and Committees. How many clips were downloaded in the first 12 months?

Filming was controversial at the time as some people thought it would dumb down debates. Instead, it led to democratic transparency and real-time access to the work of MPs. A Commons or Lords closed off to cameras and microphones would now be unthinkable.

Very positive meeting with Lord David Trimble of the British House of Lords regarding Boris Johnson’s Brexit Compromise. Agree on pursuing UK-USA free trade deal. Lord Trimble and I first met during Irish Peace Process days. Didn’t always agree then. On same page now.

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@benshapiro  demolishes Chick-fil-A for kowtowing to 'lords of political correctness': 'A horrible sign for our culture'


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Just got word that some Alabama students ignored the warning of an atheist organization and recited the Lord’s Prayer before a football game Now that’s the kind of civil disobedience I can get behind LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATHE PRAISE THE LORD!!

From the article on PG&E and the blackouts: “For years the util­ity skimped on safety up­grades and re­pairs while pump­ing bil­lions into green en­ergy and elec­tric-car sub­si­dies to please its over­lords in Sacra­mento.”

Last time a government lost a programme motion was, I believe, on our House of Lords Reform Bill in 2012. The person who led the rebellion was Jacob Rees-Mogg. Funny in politics how what goes around comes around

This is the time of mercy; this is the time of the Lord’s compassion. Let us open our hearts so that He may come to us.

Don’t be intimidated by what’s against you. The battle is not yours; it’s the Lords. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He allowed that situation so He can display His awesome power.

In order not to pay Tariffs, if they start rising, companies will leave Mexico, which has taken 30% of our Auto Industry, and come back home to the USA. Mexico must take back their country from the drug lords and cartels. The Tariff is about stopping drugs as well as illegals!

...travesty that is taking place in allowing millions of people to easily meander through their country and INVADE the U.S., not to mention the Drugs & Human Trafficking pouring in through Mexico. Are the Drug Lords, Cartels & Coyotes really running Mexico? We will soon find out!

If you want to listen to the Lord’s voice, set out on the journey, live out your search. The Lord speaks to those who search.

Do not tire of asking in prayer for the Lord’s help especially in difficulty.

Even in the hardest and most disturbing moments, the Lord’s mercy and goodness are greater than every thing.