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Dear young people, do not be afraid of the future! Dare to dream big! Keep joy alive, a sign of a young heart that has encountered the Lord.
At 10:28 PM Ada James Akins was born. It was truly the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Thank you Lord & everyone for the prayers🙌🏼
You may be up against some big enemies. Quit worrying; quit letting it upset you. The battle is not yours; the battle is the Lord's.
Dear God,

I woke up,

I'm healthy,

I am alive,

Thank you Lord,

I'm so grateful!
I love music, my fans, my family, my friends.. And I love The Lord
How often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!
The Lord does not leave us orphans: we have a Mother, the same one as Jesus. Mary takes care of us and always defends us.
super proud of @Harry_Styles but good lord that drowning shot made me die inside you get a lifeguard for christmas
If you pay attention to the heart, you will find you are close to the Lord and to others.
Emma Watson wrote a note urging Americans to vote. She didn't spend her childhood fighting a dark lord so we could elect one.
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