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A women's event in Mexico planned for next month, fueled by growing disgust with a spate of high-profile femicides, gained ground on Friday as Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador'>Manuel Lopez Obrador said public servants could participate | #WomensRights 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said his conservative opponents are behind a rising protest movement seeking to draw attention to violence against women

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s latest plan to regain investor confidence will be ready by the end of the month

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s latest plan to regain investor confidence will be ready by the end of the month

Amy Klobuchar on not knowing the name of Mexico's president: "I made an error...Sometimes people forget names." Pete Buttgieg points out that Klobuchar works on committees that oversee relations with Mexico and shouldn't "trivialize" missing Andrés Manuel López Obrador's name.

An outcry over femicide in Mexico is forcing a national reckoning on the issue and amounting to a major test of leadership for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

@JoeBiden  @BernieSanders  " @PeteButtigiegI  @elizabet  @amyklobucharh  @MikeBloombergf  @SenSandersormat  happens, it happens to everybody on this stage, " @elizabethforma  @amyklobuchardefends  for forgetting Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's name. Says it doesn't indicate you don't know what's going on

In recent days, Mexico's President López Obrador has seemed to struggle in response to a surging feminist movement demanding a coherent government response to femicide.

If you would like to know more about Mexico's president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, @paulimison  wrote about him last month. #AMLO  #DemDebate 


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Steyer, Klobuchar and Buttigieg were asked to name the Mexican President. “I forget,” says Steyer. "Can you tell me his name?" Klobuchar is asked. “No," she says. Buttigieg correctly says Lopez Obrador. - @merica 

I would like to thank the President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador'>Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and his foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, together with all of the many representatives of both the United States and Mexico, for working so long and hard to get our agreement on immigration completed!

Congratulations to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on becoming the next President of Mexico. I look very much forward to working with him. There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico!

I had an excellent telephone conversation with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, talking about Southern Border Security, and various other things of mutual interest for the people of our respective countries....

Congratulations to President Lopez ObradorMexico voted to ratify the USMCA today by a huge margin. Time for Congress to do the same here!

Just spoke to President-Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico. Great call, we will work well together!

“The president took a brilliant step outside the box when he publicly upped the pressure on Mexican President Andrés ManuelLópez Obrador to finally start doing his part.”

Breakthrough? Mexico apprehends unprecedented 1400 illegal immigrants in 24 hrs, says top White House source. Lopez Obrador'>President Lopez Obrador seems to have heeded @POTUS  warning and decided to fight cartels and illegals instead of @realDonaldTrump  and U.S. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

BREAKING: Jose Antonio Meade of Mexico's ruling party concedes defeat to Lopez Obrador'>Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in presidential vote