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At an alleged COVID-19 briefing, @realDonaldTrump  veers off into blithely accusing former SecState@JohnKerry  of violating the Logan Act.

Trump says @JohnKerry  may have violated the Logan Act, but provides no evidence, during a briefing on a pandemic that is projected to kill between 100k and more than 200k Americans.

Nervous much? Sen. Chris Murphy gets super defensive and tweet-SNAPS at Trump calling him out for violating the Logan Act

Chris Murphy on Trump’s allegation that he violated the Logan Act, says he informed State ahead of his meeting with Zarif. He says he’s “not negotiating with Iran” but had meetings. “It’s dangerous that this administration is not talking to Iran,” Murphy told @jaketapper 

Chris Murphy Responds to Trump Accusing Him of Breaking the Logan Act: 'It's My Job' to Speak With Foreign Leaders

"That is once again, another presidential lie, a complete effort by the president to distort reality," says John Kerry on President Trump's alleged violation of the Logan Act

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ICYMI ==> ‘Just wow!’ John Kerry’s response to Trump accusing him of Logan Act violation for rogue dealings with Iran overheats BS detectors

EDITORIAL | Members of congressional committees often meet with foreign nationals. Similarly, during transitions, presidents-elect and their aides need latitude to communicate with foreign reps. If the Logan Act can’t be smartly revised — scrap it.

John Kerry, Appearing on Fox, Shoots Down Trump Claim He Violated Logan Act: ‘Another Presidential Lie’


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1. Did leftwing Trump-hating senator, Chris Murphy, violate the Logan Act by meeting secretly with Iran’s foreign minister?  Did he interfere with American foreign policy?

John Kerry and Senator Chris Murphy grossly violated the Logan Act with respect to Iran. If a Republican did what they did, there would be very serious ramifications!

President Trump: "I saw that…Senator Murphy met with the Iranians; is that a fact? I just saw that on the way over. Is there anything that I should know? Because that sounds like to me a violation of the Logan Act."

John Kerry you failed miserably when it was your job Now you interfere with US foreign policy as a civilian and should be charged with violating the Logan Act. Your record speaks for itself Abject failure Go home and leave America alone

1. While it’s not clear whether or not the Logan Act applies to members of Congress, Chris Murphy should be subjected to the same legal and ethical scrutiny he demands of others.

Kerry & Murphy illegally violated the Logan Act. This is why Iran is not making a deal. Must be dealt with strongly!

It's heartwarming that she believes so strongly in keeping political influence out of the Justice Department. Now, it would be nice to know why she used the Logan Act as a pretext to investigate entirely legal activity by Michael Flynn.

Saudi Arabia and others in OPEC will more than make up the Oil Flow difference in our now Full Sanctions on Iranian Oil. Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by and people who helped him lead the U.S. into the very bad Iran Nuclear Deal. Big violation of Logan Act?

Is Kerry violating the Logan Act? Don’t inquiring Democrat minds want to know?

Logan Act violating & Iran sellout John Kerry almost drowned today. During a rain his nose was so high in air as he brayed like a horse about that he dang near drowned. Conspiracy with terrorist state? Yes it is.