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8 months
At least 60 people have been hurt in an explosion at a fireworks market near Mexico City, local media report.
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BREAKING: Police in Spain call Barcelona van incident a terror attack; local media report up to 13 dead.
It's almost as though local papers are covering real news while the national media obsesses over the president’s feud with a talk show host.
Dogs in Navi Mumbai, India are turning blue due to industrial water pollution. Local media says the factory responsible may be shut down.
BREAKING: Two armed men have entered a restaurant in Barcelona after van crash - local media
Local media reports a van has crashed into a crowd of people in Barcelona's city centre
Local media: 2 armed men enter restaurant after van crashes into Barcelona crowd per Reuters
BREAKING: Car mows down 3 police officers on Diagonal street in Barcelona, reports of gunfire - local media
Police have shot and killed a man who was in a car that hit two officers in #Barcelona, local media is reporting
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