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At least 60 people have been hurt in an explosion at a fireworks market near Mexico City, local media report.
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Passenger plane carrying at least 60 people crashes in mountainous area of central Iran - local media
Urged police officers to break all silos that can affect policing. Also asked them to use social media effectively and increase communication in local languages.
It's almost as though local papers are covering real news while the national media obsesses over the president’s feud with a talk show host.
Mass shooting reported at church in Texas, with local media saying there are multiple victims
They used the fake IDs and money to buy US server space, set up VPNs from Russia, so all this looked like local traffic. SMART. They set up email accounts in the US & used those to recruit and amplify their messages through media. SMART. I feel like the DNC should have done this.
BREAKING: Police in Spain call Barcelona van incident a terror attack; local media report up to 13 dead.
BREAKING: Local media report that several people have been shot at a church in South Texas.
Hurricane Irma destroys "upwards of 90%" of Barbuda, official tells local media.
A passenger plane flying from Tehran with 66 people aboard crashed in central Iran, local media reported.
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