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BBC Breaking News
bar council urges lord chancellor liz truss to condemn unjustified attacks on judiciary over court brexit ruli
Bar Council urges Lord Chancellor Liz Truss to condemn "unjustified attacks on judiciary" over court Brexit ruling
Andrew Gwynne MP
hapless tory minister liz truss on bbcdp says those on universal credit should visit jobcentre to avoid 55p ch
Hapless Tory Minister Liz Truss on #BBCDP says those on Universal Credit should visit Jobcentre to avoid 55p charge. They're closing them!!!
C4 News FactCheck
liz truss said the government is not making cuts to local authorities here s the factcheck verdict
Liz Truss said the government "is not making cuts to local authorities". Here's the @FactCheck verdict:
UK Prime Minister
liz truss continues as secretary of state for environment food amp rural affairs defragovuk reshuffle minister
Liz Truss continues as Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs @DefraGovUK #reshuffle #Ministers2015
Sky News Newsdesk
bar council has condemned press attack on judiciary following high court s ruling on brexit and calls on liz t
Bar Council has condemned press attack on judiciary following High Court's ruling on Brexit and calls on Liz Truss to make public statement
Lib Dem Press Office
timfarron liz truss swore an oath to protect independence of judiciary her silence over recent attacks on judg
.@TimFarron: Liz Truss swore an oath to protect independence of judiciary. Her silence over recent attacks on judges is becoming deafening
update cabinet minister liz truss warns brexiteers if my colleagues don t vote for this in parliament we are i
UPDATE: Cabinet minister Liz Truss warns Brexiteers: "If my colleagues don't vote for this in Parliament we are in serious danger of not leaving at all."
Jessica Elgot
at the event liz truss is asked about ways austerity has particularly affected poorer women she denies that it
At the #WomenRule event, Liz Truss is asked about ways austerity has particularly affected poorer women. She denies that it has - and says women benefit from “modern economy” because 66% of AirBnBs are rented by women.
Danny Shaw
ken clarke chris grayling michael gove liz truss david lidington and now an other 6 conservative justice secre
Ken Clarke, Chris Grayling, Michael Gove, Liz Truss, David Lidington, and now AN Other: 6 Conservative justice secretaries in less than 8 years.
Dr. Brian May
government disgrace as liz truss parrots success of badger cull already declared a lie by experts a staggering
Government disgrace as Liz Truss parrots 'success' of badger cull, already declared a lie by experts. A staggering betrayal of farmers. Bri
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