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Ted Bundy and his horrifying killing spree captured the nation’s attention for decades. Now, our 2-hour #ABC2020  provides a rare glimpse into the lives of Liz Kendall, Bundy’s longtime girlfriend, and her daughter, Molly Kendall. #ABC2020  #LifeWithBundy 

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On the next #abc2020  Ted Bundy's longtime girlfriend Liz Kendall and her daughter, Molly, open up about their lives with the serial killer. Tonight at 8pm on #WISN12 

Who is Ted Bundy’s ex-girlfriend Liz Kendall? Where is she now? #TedBundy 

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Liz Kendall's daughter torched Ted Bundy's last goodbye over fear mum still loved him

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Former Labour leadership contender Liz Kendall on standing for the role: “best and hardest thing I have done in my career” On Jess Phillips pulling out: “A huge loss… she wanted to be clear about the scale of change we need to win again” #politicslive 

Labour’s Liz Kendall on dropping £30k salary cap for immigrants “If it goes, I think that will a good thing, I think it would have caused huge problems for… hospitality, agriculture and social care” She says: "We need those migrants” #politicslive 

Liz Kendall backs Ian Murray for next Labour deputy leader She said the next Labour leader must give “an absolute commitment to fight of the future of the UK” and Boris Johnson is “biggest threat to the future of the UK” #politicslive 

Liz Kendall thinks that it's not just Jeremy Corbyn that needs to go - but his entire leadership team. @mattfrei  | @leicesterliz 


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Liz Kendall thinks that it's not just Jeremy Corbyn that needs to go - but his entire leadership team. @mattfrei  | @leicesterliz  | #JeremyCorbyn 

“Lots of things you can say about Boris Johnson, but strength of character is not going to be one of them” Conservative peer Lord Finkelstein on potential new Tory leader Labour MP Liz Kendall says he cannot be trusted to run UK #politicslive 

One loyalist minister: "I'm bloody angry, I think I've got more in common with people like Hilary Benn and Liz Kendall than the Brexit lot, I'm sorry I'm in the same party as them."

Liz Kendall tells the PM she never thought she would hear a minister say their plan would make the country poorer: “Is that what the prime minister came into politics for?” #PMQs 

By the way: almost the entire local parties of Frank Field and Kate Hoey voted for their Whip to be withdrawn after they voted to save Theresa May. That was far from just Corbynites: it included those on the party's right, too. Hoey's party nominated Liz Kendall in 2015!

As Jeremy Corbyn wins the #LabourLeadership . The campaign seems to have taken its toll on Liz Kendall.(Via @DickieA )

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"Labour should not have voted to recognise Palestine, says leadership candidate Liz Kendall" - wow, hadn't seen this:

Liz Kendall calls Syriza extremist. What's extremist is austerity that's doubled poverty, left young people unemployed and collapsed economy

The Daily Mail asking Liz Kendall about her weight. I'd say it's a new low, but it obviously isn't. Still, genuinely grim.

If anyone could point out where Liz Kendall disagrees with the Tories (other than being more Ukippy!) I'd love to hear. #labourdebate