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Catch up on the last 4 training sessions with @PhillyUnleashed  trainers Nicole and Kelsey before today's new lesson at 12 p.m. EST on our Facebook Live!

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Watch live: A #Shavuot  lesson from Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and @RabbiBrander . From @Ohr TorahStone's global Torah online learning session. Watch at

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SATURDAY: Joining up with Erling Wu-Bower for Pacific Standard Time Chicago’s online cooking lesson. You pick up ingredients, we step you through the recipes live. 6 p.m. Can’t wait!!! Reserve:

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WATCH LIVE: Grab your kids and get ready for "Super Science with Drew!" Today's lesson with @DrewTumaABC7  is on tides and the moon.

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Watch live: A pre #Shavuot  lesson from @OhrTorahStone 's global #Torah  online learning session, part of a 24-hour 'learnathon' in honor of Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin’s 80th birthday.

[QUIZ] Before you start trading on a live account, you should make sure you’ve mastered the Brokers 101 lesson. Prove it by passing this quiz!

Before you start trading on a live account, you should make sure you’ve mastered the Brokers 101 lesson. Prove it by passing this quiz!

#WeatherEdAtHome with the @Phillies  and #FirstAlert  Weather team continues Wednesday at 10 a.m. with @KrystalKlei  and a lesson in COLD! 🥶🥶Grab your items: and be ready for your lesson LIVE at 10 a.m. on facebook or

Lesson 5 of #TheLockdownUkuleleRockdown  goes live tomorrow (Wednesday) morning with @tanmanmusic  and we want to step things up. We want everyone taking part in the rockdown to make a music video and record a song with us. Have a watch and I'll tell you more! 👇

Let this be a lesson to us all... be nice & make friends. When the time comes and you need help then you won't have to travel 250miles. Not a single friend in a 250miles radius is no way to live.


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We are all having to live through a tragic lesson in how the difference between “Reality TV” and reality is, well, reality.

Stuck at home? Take a #CodeBreak ! See past activities and episodes, and sign-up to receive updates on new Code Break episodes, at Join us Wednesdays for a live, interactive CS lesson with founder and special celeb guests! @hadip 

Trying to keep the kids busy? Show them our latest Code Playground Live session; a free lesson teaching kids how to code, hosted by our @Digitaleagles !

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People around the world are dying alone Stop talking about the economy. We live in a community not an economy. Go knock on your neighbour's door & ask if they need help Look after eachother And learn a lesson from Italy Choose love over hate Stay inside. Only go out if you must

Really important civics lesson. If you live in a closed primary state, you must be registered as a dem to help your favorite candidate get the nomination.

@suchitrak  It is necessary. You would not ask this question if you had researched history. First lesson to learn is that those who do not remember lessons of history are condemned to re-live the same history.

lesson: the more celebrities meddle in districts they don't live in, the better it is for candidates they hate. because you annoy us more.?

So new lesson: The danger of live-tweeting a hearing for a POTUS is having your tweet rebutted by the FBI live.

Lesson #2  When a person knows who they are and they live from that space they don't demand respect . . . they get it or get out #FixMyLife 

Lesson from crayons: some are sharp, some are beautiful, all are different colors,but they all have to learn to live in the same box.