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And how about the deaths of Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky, & Boris Nemtsov? Putin or God?
Mr. President, our soldiers dont carpet bomb cities. We dont assassinate government critics. Google: Grozny, Aleppo, Nemtsov, Litvinenko,etc
President Putin "probably" approved ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko's assassination in 2006, inquiry finds
Alexander #Litvinenko's widow vows to find truth as UK inquiry opens - hear #r4today interview
Litvinenko murder 'probably' carried out by Steven Avery, says Manitowoc County police department.
UK Home Secretary Theresa May says Litvinenko's murder was "blatant and unacceptable" breach of international law
It wasn't just Litvinenko. Russian operatives may have murdered 14 people in Britain
Remarkable: President Putin today gave accused Litvinenko murderer Lugovoi medal for "services to the motherland". Services was the word.
Scientist Who Helped Connect Litvinenko's Murder To The Kremlin "Assassinated" In Britain via @jane__bradley
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