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Don’t miss this story - and remember Alexander Litvinenko, murdered in downtown London by Russians with radioactive polonium.
And how about the deaths of Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky, & Boris Nemtsov? Putin or God?
Theresa May refused to hold an inquiry over Litvinenko's murder over and over again - and was eventually forced into it because of his widow's ceaseless campaigning and pressure from the High Court.

By dragging her feet, the Prime Minister emboldened those responsible.
Why has there been no pictures of the stricken #Skripal family as there was of the murdered #Litvinenko ? Why have there been no statements from the hospital as there regularly were in the Litvinenko case?
Where was, and is, the deafening outrage over Theresa May as a Putin stooge for refusing an inquiry into the poisoning of Litvinenko - because it would have annoyed Russia?
Will the Tories stop taking Russian-linked money?

Why is Theresa May getting away with repeatedly stopping an inquiry into Litvinenko's 2006 poisoning for fear of upsetting Putin?
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Remember the history - it was Theresa May who tried to delay the inquiry into the polonium poisoning of Litvinenko. Now she’s called upon to act again...
What a coincidence! Both Litvinenko and Skripal worked for MI6. Berezovsky and Perepilichny were linked to UK special services. Investigation details classified on grounds of national security.
Russian Prosecution @Genproc: Berezovsky, Litvinenko and Skripal cases all develop under the same pattern: ungrounded accusations, calls for retaliatory measures, then the case becomes classified and the public gets no information.
UK Treausry freezes assets of Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun (suspected of murdering Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006)
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