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Took my beautiful wife to be, my beautiful @Acura  #RDX  and our warm clothes up to the snowy peaks of Big Bear. Literally feel on top of the world up there! Road tripping in style!! LOVE! Gonna have to go next heavy…

Super Tuesday is literally 2 days after South Carolina. It costs $40M to run a statewide ad campaign in Texas. $2-3M to run TV in Los Angeles alone. Not to mention Raleigh, Denver, D.C., Nashville, Boston. This whiplash is all happening in 2 weeks. Money's gonna dry up real fast.

having so much fun with this new game DREAMS and i’ve literally only done tutorials so far. have a feeling this is gonna be my favorite shit ever

@Stormzy1 Wake Up bumbahol #VossiBop  is fraud Boasty Is a bigger record but because your team are trying force you into N Dubz world so much your gonna flop you have no identity musically you are literally my son and I couldn’t even see i #Owned .

Me: I have a stuffy nose and I guess I’m just gonna live this way forever! Literally anyone else/every aisle in CVS: ?????

Things take an explosive turn–literally– in @ToveLo  and @mczaac 's hot new video for "Are U Gonna Tell Her?"

This is why you can’t let fools like @charliekirk11  lie on Twitter. He is literally equating U.S. foreign policy with @realDonaldTrump  seeking something for personal gain. Not U.S. gain. PERSONALLY to benefit him. I’m gonna drop #RolandsReceipts  on @charliekirk11  EVERY TIME.

Kumail Nanjiani Breaks His Diet for the First Time Since Getting Buff: ‘I’m Literally Gonna Cry’

@rmc031  @libbycwatsonliterally  it was mistake to take most of the Swift Boat-era political journalists and drown them in a bathtub; because we allowed them to live lives free of shame, we have cable news derangement, it's great, we're all gonna die


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my fans ? please do not waste your anger or frustration. i see a lot of you are upset. of course im sad too. none of it matters. literally none of it. you’re here. im here. + everything is gonna stay exactly the same and without me is still a super tight, record breaking song ?


Former Pres. Obama: "Suddenly Republicans are saying they're gonna protect your pre-existing conditions when they've literally been doing the opposite. "That's some kind of gall. That's some kind of chutzpah. Let's call it what it is: it's a lie."

Gonna miss you @CP3 . Not many people know, but CP was literally the first celebrity to reach out and donate to the hurricane fundraiser. He had just recently been traded to Houston, called up and said he wanted to help. Very first one. Absolute legend.

Literally every NYT opinion column these days about how liberals were mean to the columnist on the Internet and how if liberals on the Internet keep being mean to the columnist then TRUMP IS GONNA WIN IN 2020.

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it’s the final night of filming for the series i’m working on and i have to say i’ve never felt more drained, emotional, confused, excited, angry, yet creatively fulfilled in my life hahaha it’s been a month of filming and i literally feel like my brains gonna burst ?

Guys! is gonna help me give away free pizzas for this friday’s episode 3 premier!! It’s not sponsored, they literally just wanna help throw some pizza parties for u guys to watch part 3! tweet and a f #shanejeffreen  pic of u watching the new series to enter!!! ???

There is literally nothing predictable about Get Out. You’re telling me the entire movie you were like “yeah he’s gonna be trapped in the sunken place and that woman is really a white grandma and that spoon is really gonna fuck him over at some point”

Ppl literally spend more time beta-testing their personal website than the GOP is gonna spend vetting a total transformation of healthcare.

I'm literally speechless. I swear if this keeps up we're gonna have to come tour the world and hang with you all! #THEBESTFANS