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Three prominent authors on issues of racial injustice -- Tim Wise, Ali Michael and Paul Kivel -- shared their recommended reading lists to help people learn about these issues and understand the complexities of the George Floyd protests.

From a Bali treehouse to a villa in Iceland: See the top Airbnbs on people's post-pandemic wish lists. (via @CNBCMakeIt )

Are you allowed to leave your province or Metro Manila? Would you need to present anything at border checkpoints? Here are lists of who qualifies for which kind of travel, according to requirements:

Algorithms that scan everything from terror watch lists to eviction records spit out flawed tenant screening reports. And almost nobody is watching.

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Coming in Sunday's Post-Dispatch: "10 steps to the Cup." I pick the 10 most memorable moments in the Blues' playoff run. How many can you name in advance? And I'm sure no 2 lists of 10 will be the same. (I think it will be on-line later tonight on .

Boeing Jumps After Third Point Lists Company Among Top MTD Winners#zerohedge 

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Wondering what is happening today? There are a few lists. From: @BrokeAssStuart  From: @sitarabellam 

Reading lists won’t save us. Viral syllabi purport to answer our thorniest problems, but no matter how expertly curated, the reading itself is what matters


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How is the Paris Environmental Accord working out for France? After 18 weeks of rioting by the Yellow Vest Protesters, I guess not so well! In the meantime, the United States has gone to the top of all lists on the Environment.

This White House briefing room slide lists as "goals" 100,000 to 240,000 deaths. Breathtaking.

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As 2018 draws to a close, I’m continuing the tradition of sharing my year-end lists. It gives me a moment to reflect on the year through the books, movies, and music that I found most thought-provoking, inspiring, or just plain loved. I hope you enjoy it:

US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner

The Trump White House and its allies, over the past 18 months, assembled detailed lists of disloyal government officials to oust — and trusted pro-Trump people to replace them — according to more than a dozen sources familiar with the effort.

I’m calling gentle bullshit on these long lists of books everyone read this year

congrats to the nominees. so much great music nominated this year. definitely see a lot of my friends and colleagues missing from the nom lists, but the music speaks! this is how it goes every year right?

Eleven hundred ninety-six. That’s the number of names on this page. People who were doing ordinary things until they were shot to death by killers bent on mass fatalities. In today’s Washington Post, a special 12-page print section lists every mass shooting victim since 1966.

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late night track lists ???? less than a month left???? can't sleep ???????