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The New York Times
a brazilian man is buying all the records in the world photo sebastian liste noor for nyt
A Brazilian man is buying all the records in the world (Photo: Sebastián Liste/Noor for NYT)
Tom Haberstroh
magic luke we need you to win more luke diddles on his phone magic luke are you even liste luke raises phone
magic: “luke we need you to win more”

*luke diddles on his phone*

magic: “luke, are you even liste—“

*luke raises phone*
the official version of beyonce and drake s can i has finally arrived liste here
The official version of Beyonce and Drake's "Can I" has finally arrived. Liste here:
@TIME 4 years
confronting mexico s latest cruel massacre photo sebastian liste noor for time
Confronting Mexico's latest cruel massacre Photo: Sebastian Liste-NOOR for TIME
@BJP4India 2 years
shri jpnadda now addressing parivartanrally in mandi himachal pradesh watch at liste
Shri @JPNadda now addressing #ParivartanRally in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Watch at | Liste
The New Yorker
photographer sebastian liste captures havanas street life youth culture and burgeoning cultural spaces
Photographer Sebastian Liste captures Havana’s street life, youth culture, and burgeoning cultural spaces:
paradis fiscaux oxfam donne sa liste exhaustive
Paradis fiscaux : Oxfam donne sa liste exhaustive
Joseph Daul
the irresponsible political manoeuvres of opposition liste jetzt amp especially are deplorable bringing instab
The irresponsible political manoeuvres of 🇦🇹opposition #FPÖ , Liste JETZT & especially @SPOE_at are deplorable. Bringing instability & unpredictability to #Austria by putting their parties’ interests before the interests of their citizens & country is unacceptable.
Russell Brand
shakespeare amp power liste to undertheskin on itunes android or here
Shakespeare & Power!
Liste to #UnderTheSkin on iTunes / Android or here:
Russell Brand
co founder of discusses his striving to teach meditation within a consumerist society via an interesting journ
Co-founder of discusses his striving to teach meditation within a consumerist society via an interesting journey from the UK to becoming a Tibetan Buddhist monk & training with the Moscow State Circus.
Liste on iTunes or here:
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