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Tommy was abused in a care home as a boy. Now, at 81, he's powering through a bucket list and making up for the childhood he never had.
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Wow. I wasn’t sure how letting my guard down would go...but it’s been cathartic & rewarding. I loved writing this book, & I’m honored to be in such great company on this list!
just like the long list of Irish rappers ...
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Been on a safari trip for the last couple of days! One of those bucket list things to do , incredible experience
Thank you to all of you for the lovely support for 'too much to ask.' If you haven't heard it yet, take a list :
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Note to media: when an A-list actor quasi-admits to attempted molestation of a 14-year-old, the headline isn't that he's coming out as gay.
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BREAKING: The list of the 27 Modern-Era Semifinalists for the Class of 2018 #PFHOF18
👀 👀 👀... crosses Jimmy off the BBQ list
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