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.@BTS_twt are No. 10 on our top artist of the year list! #YearInMusic
John Kelly: Trump wants "everything out"


Trump's tax returns

Trump interview with Mueller

Democrats' rebuttal memo

The other FISA warrants

White House visitor logs

Bannon's House testimony

Stormy Daniels' story

The list of foreign customers at Trump properties
he's making a list
he's checking it twice
he's gonna find out who's
This is so bad. We have just gotten list of amendments to be included in bill NOT from our R colleagues, but from lobbyists downtown. None of us have seen this list, but lobbyists have it. Need I say more? Disgusting. And we probably will not even be given time to read them.
Tommy was abused in a care home as a boy. Now, at 81, he's powering through a bucket list and making up for the childhood he never had.
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New report from DOJ & DHS shows that nearly 3 in 4 individuals convicted of terrorism-related charges are foreign-born. We have submitted to Congress a list of resources and reforms....
Been on a safari trip for the last couple of days! One of those bucket list things to do , incredible experience
After we published a list of Trump's lies this summer, some of his supporters asked us to compare Trump to other presidents. We've done so and just published the results:
If this memo comes out, I have a long list of less sensitive, but still classified, information that the American people deserve to see. #secretlaw
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