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Robyn Urback
big demotions for vic fedeli caroline mulroney lisa macleod and lisa thompson which must feel especially cruel
Big demotions for Vic Fedeli, Caroline Mulroney, Lisa MacLeod, and Lisa Thompson, which must feel especially cruel after they debased themselves with those awful convenience store videos
Ottawa Citizen
i m your minister and you re a f ing loser eugene melnyk recounts lisa macleod s alleged public tirade
'I'm your minister and you're a f---ing loser': Eugene Melnyk recounts Lisa MacLeod's alleged public tirade
an open letter signed by 100 canadian ceos representing more than 15 billion in combined annual revenues is ur
An open letter signed by 100 Canadian CEOs representing more than $1.5 billion in combined annual revenues is urging Premier Doug Ford and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod to reverse the decision on the basic income project. #ONpoli
kawhi leonard is leaving the toronto raptors for the la clippers probably because lisa macleod yelled at him
Kawhi Leonard is leaving the Toronto Raptors for the LA Clippers, probably because Lisa MacLeod yelled at him.
The National
kiefer sutherland the grandson of tommy douglas is asking ontario premier doug ford and ottawa mpp lisa macleo
Kiefer Sutherland, the grandson of Tommy Douglas, is asking Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Ottawa MPP Lisa MacLeod to stop using his grandfather's name for their own political ends #onpoli #cdnpoli
behaviour analysts say childrens minister lisa macleod and her staff threatened to make their lives miserable
Behaviour analysts say children’s minister Lisa MacLeod and her staff threatened to make their lives miserable for the next four years if they didn’t endorse the government’s changes to autism services. #ONpoli
Laura Stone
new ontario liberal caucus calls for the suspension of lisa macleod from the conservative caucus statement fro
NEW: Ontario Liberal caucus calls for the suspension of Lisa MacLeod from the Conservative caucus

Statement from Liberal MPP @coteau

“Premier Doug Ford needs to remove Lisa MacLeod as a cabinet minister and suspend the Minister from caucus.” #onpoli
after calling melnyk a fing loser shouldn t anyone who does this lose their job now judith timson has some adv
After calling Melnyk a 'f—ing loser,' shouldn't anyone who does this lose their job? Now, Judith Timson has some advice for Lisa MacLeod: She is a bully who needs help now.

Michael Coteau
i never thought of the ministry of childrens and youth as the ministry of tears always as hope and opportunity
I never thought of The Ministry of Children’s and Youth as the,

Ministry of “tears”

Always as Hope and Opportunity- our Future.

#ONPoli #Autism @DougFord2014

Ontario Minister Lisa MacLeod lands in hot water with autism advocates — agai vi@TorontoStara
watch a tearful mom of a three old boy with autism emerges from minister lisa macleods office where she says m
WATCH: A tearful mom of a three-old boy with autism emerges from Minister Lisa MacLeod’s Office where she says MacLeod told her not to get her hopes up #onpoli
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