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new how taxpayers covered a 1000 liquor bill for trump staffers a top shelf closed door drinking session 546 a
NEW: How Taxpayers Covered a $1,000 Liquor Bill for Trump Staffers

-A top-shelf, closed-door drinking session.
-$546-a-night hotel rooms.
-A special government credit card for Mar-a-Lago.

Taxpayers foot the costs — and the president profits:
Mark Cuban
i propose we do a debate where every candidate has to do a shot of liquor before every question that s the onl
I propose we do a debate where every candidate has to do a shot of liquor before every question. That's the only way to get real answers
Anna Kendrick
we did it now it s time for some brown liquor oscars
We did it!!!! Now it's time for some brown liquor! #Oscars
@ANI_news 1 month
cbdt unaccounted cash of rs 146 cr 252 bottles of liquorfew arms amp hide skins of tiger found searches in del
CBDT: Unaccounted cash of Rs 14.6 cr, 252 bottles of liquor,few arms & hide-skins of tiger found. Searches in Delhi in group of a close relative of the senior functionary led to seizure of incriminating evidence including cash book recording unaccounted transactions of Rs 230cr
@NRA 11 months
christopher hill s car would not start after he robbed a walmart liquor store trying to act fast hill tried ca
Christopher Hill's car would not start after he robbed a Walmart Liquor Store. Trying to act fast, Hill tried carjacking one car where the owner drew his firearm. He then tried to carjack another car where the owner also drew her firearm.
Yogendra Yadav
breaking modi regime now targets my family two days after my 9 day padyatra in rewari and launching of agitati
Modi regime now targets my family.
Two days after my 9 day padyatra in Rewari and launching of agitation for MSP and against liquor thekas, a massive IT raid is on at the hospital cum nursing home of my sisters in Rewari.
Pl search me, my home, why target my family?
Blake Shelton
latest tabloid says miranda sent me to rehab incorrect she sent me to the liquor store
Latest tabloid says Miranda sent me to rehab... Incorrect. She sent me to the liquor store!!!
Neil deGrasse Tyson
never seen a bar fight break out while people are drinking wine beer yes hard liquor yes but not wine
Never seen a bar fight break out while people are drinking wine. Beer, yes. Hard liquor, yes. But not wine.
Subramanian Swamy
good news that kallumeans country liquor smuggler thambi dubai bagman of tdk amp rare perfume supplier has now
Good news that Kallu{means country liquor smuggler} Thambi (Dubai bagman of TDK & rare perfume supplier) has now been charge-sheeted by CBI for Engg College scam in Kerala
Chris Brown
there s something in this liquor the air is getting thicker all i want is you liquor
There's something in this Liquor. The air is getting thicker. All I want is you. #Liquor
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