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If you’ve never read this gem today might be a good day to take in Lindy West on Love Actually I Rewatched Love Actually and Am Here to Ruin It for All of You

1⃣ of the 5⃣ goals Lindy has scored against the Oilers this season 😍 Make sure to tune into @Sportsnet  West tonight to watch a few of his 🔥 goals! Starting at 5:00 PM MT, they are airing 3⃣ games from this season's Battle of Alberta!

Lindy West’s essay collection, 'The Witches are Coming,' she "punches up with such dismissiveness her targets’ self-importance that reading her work is as cathartic as a conversation with your wittiest friend after a couple glasses of wine. " @HachetteBooks 

Lindy West tells us why Tracy Chapman's “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” is the dose of hope and sincerity she craves right now

Between writing, book tours and serving as an executive producer on Hulu's "Shrill," Seattle author Lindy West still somehow has time to read. Check out her literary picks here.

“It was important, to us, to simultaneously make a fat show and not make a fat show,” executive producer Lindy West says.

Today on @AM2DM  we're joined by Lindy West and Retta ⬇️

Seattle author Lindy West continues her foray into television with season two of Hulu’s “Shrill,” debuting on Friday, Jan. 24.

In addition to writing on season two of “Shrill,” Seattle's Lindy West has been on a book tour promoting her latest cultural critique, “The Witches Are Coming,” and writing her next book, which is due to her publisher in March.


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“Shout Your Abortion” author Lindy West on the dangers of criminalizing abortions. Full interview:

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Lindy West takes on anti-choice rhetoric. #tbt  to the full interview:

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5th anniversary of Lindy West's immortal takedown of Love Actually

Nuanced conversations about consent have been happening for a long time. The reason they feel foreign to so many men is that so many men never felt like they needed to listen, writes Lindy West.

Lindy West writes: "It is with 100 percent professional certainty that I must inform you our president, Donald Trump, is a sexual harasser, on account of all of the sexual harassment he constantly does."

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After #MeToo , Lindy West writes about how female anger is received and weaponized against women

Twitter is a worse place without Lindy West, but I get it. Oh man, do I get it.

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The macabre truth of gun control in the US is that toddlers kill more people than terrorists do | Lindy West