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Tonight in the Bronx an NYPD Sgt. was hit by a black sedan, possibly a Chevy during looting and mayhem in that borough tonight. The sedan fled and has not been apprehended. Sgt is at Lincoln Hospital in serious but stable condition.

#USArmyReserve Lt. Col. John Patrick O'Donnell is working at the Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, where he is part of a team testing both patients & hospital workers for the #COVID19  virus. Read about why he serves:

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More than a dozen vehicles weaved through the city streets surrounding the Lincoln Annex School calling for its preservation amid a redevelopment plan that would see the school demolished and replaced by a cancer hospital.

One person was taken to the hospital after a car crashed into a home in Milwaukee's Lincoln Park neighborhood on Saturday.​

Victims of a salmonella outbreak linked to Carlton’s Lincoln bakery have told @7NewsMelbourne ⁩ they’ve “never been so sick”. Several report being unconscious for the first 48 hours. Many have spent days in hospital - 2 people are still there. Full details 5pm, 6pm.

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A Lincoln Park man is facing charges in connection with two separate incidents involving alleged spitting on hospital personnel.

A Lincoln Park man has been charged with a threat of terrorism after prosecutors accused him of spitting on hospital workers to intentionally spread the coronavirus.

Lincoln Park man allegedly spat on hospital workers in attempt to spread virus

Lincoln Park Man Charged With Terror Threat For Spitting At Hospital Staff It's alleged he was trying to spread the . #coronavirus 

Kansas Health Care Hero: Nurse practitioner April Dickey, a Salina resident, is volunteering at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx for three weeks. She told @SalinaPost : "I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines knowing patients and staff were suffering."

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ANOTHER NYPD OFFICER SHOT: A suspect walked into the @NYPD41Pct  and shot an NYPD Lieutenant in arm. He was rushed to Lincoln Hospital and is in stable condition. Suspect is in custody. Appears to be the same suspect in last night's shooting of a police officer.

THANK YOU to the @usairforce  for sending doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists to help our heroic health care workers at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. Our public hospitals treat EVERYONE — regardless of ability to pay or immigration status. They are THE front lines.

One officer out of the hospital the other will live but the mayor and governor have to answer for this: "Let me be very clear: this was an assassination attempt of two New York City officers," Commissioner Shea said Saturday night from Lincoln Hospital.

Fun fact: That opening in the hospital was the last thing Andrew Lincoln shot. #TheWalkingDead 

Yesterday I went to Lincoln Hospital, one of many that is being failed by this Tory government. Join us tomorrow as Labour campaigns across the country to defend our greatest institution: The National Health Service. Find an event near you:

. showed me around Lincoln County Hospital today, where she continues to do shifts as a nurse. I heard from staff and patients about the desperate need for investment in their local NHS services.

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NEW #GhostAdventures  TONIGHT! The highly ACTIVE abandoned LINCOLN COUNTY HOSPITAL 9/8c on Travel Channel

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Lincoln Chaffe mentions drone strikes and hospital bombing in Afghanistan. Crickets from all others

TOMORROW we investigate LINCOLN COUNTY HOSPITAL on a VERY emotional NEW #ghostadventures …

THIS SATURDAY's NEW #GhostAdventures  we investigate eyewitness accounts of the "angel of Death" seen by Lincoln County Hospital STAFF in TN