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a lil’ @Disney gem of a secret, my character Maui was partly inspired by my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia of Samoa. #grateful
Let one off in the air for fredo santana !! For life they cudnt stop that man SSR for life CHICAGO for life Chief Keef chop durk Reese Gino sd the whole Chicago what it do joe we living it up joe Chicago joe for life too fredo - Lil B
Happy birthday to my lil bro @NiallOfficial and my little sister Safaa may you both have an amazing day xx
#NBAVote my lil bro @BenSimmons25! He definitely got next
gonna go celebrate w some croquetas that my album is #1 in 100 countries!!!!!!!! throwback to when we did the shoot for the album in Miami in Lil Havana 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌸🌸🌸 you can listen here if you haven’t
Lonzo ball is a few seconds away from being cursed his rookie year on the lakers, nas is hip hop and always relevant, watch ur team - Lil B
#NBAvote My lil pit bull @isaiahthomas!!
me and the lil sis in the new vid !! clearly I'm the cooler sibling ;) ha x
I remember Lil peep telling me he is against the sexual abuse of women and people in the music industry... I will continue to push his vision thank you - Lil B
"The BasedGod" wants to speak,As life unravels and superstars make decisions that change lifes, welcome home KD the curse is lifted - Lil B
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