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Lil Durk dropped his top 50 all-time list 👀

Let one off in the air for fredo santana !! For life they cudnt stop that man SSR for life CHICAGO for life Chief Keef chop durk Reese Gino sd the whole Chicago what it do joe we living it up joe Chicago joe for life too fredo - Lil B

It's only 1 lil Durk It's only 1 Herbo & lil bibby It's only 1 Reese & keef It's only 1 rondo & hypno You other niggas copying us #OTF 

APD says witness described seeing Lil' Durk pull out a gun, then she ran around the building, she heard gunshots, and later saw the victim in a pool of blood. WATCH LIVE:

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Here's footage of Lil Durk turning himself into police:

Big news in the Lil Durk case: The rapper has been charged with criminal intent to commit murder for shooting near The Varsity. Live coverage from the courtroom starts at 4.

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BREAKING: Lil Durk to reportedly be charged with criminal intent to commit murder

The Best Young not NEW rappers... *Joey Badass *Vince Staples *Kamaiyah *Chance the Rapper *Vic Mensa *Buddy *Leikeli47 *A Boogie *G Herbo *Lil Durk *Russ Who else? Young is under 27