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whoever’s reading this, i pray that you find happiness. not temporary happiness, or “if i pretend and put on a smile & laugh, maybe i’ll be happy” kind of happiness, but long lasting real happiness. the kind of happiness that makes ur face glow & lights up ur soul. you deserve it
Go into a room alone. Turn off the lights and listen to this. #HoldTight . #MusicMondays - spread the word
A California man was going around pretending to be an ICE agent. Until his girlfriend accidentally activated his fake emergency lights and got pulled over. Police eventually searched his house and found 32 guns. Then they found five IEDs in the desert.
@Chrisck5 Turkey was huge. I need big lights for Dubai
All of The LUV (LUV-Tory Lanez/ All Of the Lights Mashup) cover w @ashleejuno on the guitar
sneakin in ***NY*** when the lights are low
Puerto Rico's blackout is the longest and largest major power outage in modern U.S. history.

No one can say when the lights will come back on.
Lights, camera, assemble! @MarkRuffalo @ChrisEvans #AvengersAgeOfUltron
Kim YO Jong, Lil Sis of Lil Kim, is "stealing show" according to CNN. She's probably stealing food and electricity to take back to her starving and sitting w/o lights people. CNN has no shame or awareness of NOKO human rights abuses.
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