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If you asked me to imagine the saddest possible expression of Arsene's demise, I probably would have said a half-empty stadium bearing witness to his lifeless team being battered by a side playing the kind of football he was once renowned for.

A very sombre night.
Our latest discovery: 7 Earth-size planets orbiting a red dwarf star. Lifeless rocks or ... ? We're studying them:
im tired & dont wanna get up but have to so can someone please come here & pull my lifeless body from this soft, warm heaven of a bed
Now LeBron must do in Game 4 in Indy what he should've done tonight: Play with far more wire-to-wire deal-closing energy. Too often listless and lifeless in tonight's second half. And please don't tell me the "Best Player on the Planet" needs more help vs the Pacers.
How would @TheFix and the media have reacted in '08 if my father had his lifeless body thrown into a van and lost a shoe on camera?
A date with Zayn would not involve coherent actions. It would involve him dragging my lifeless body through the street while I cried.
Trump retweeted this meme which implies that he's a cold lifeless body that blocks the light, plunging the world into darkness
2-1 f-t. Pathetic from #mufc. Outplayed by a team who hadn’t played for 2 months. Lack of leadership, tackling and heart. Lifeless under LVG
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