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If you asked me to imagine the saddest possible expression of Arsene's demise, I probably would have said a half-empty stadium bearing witness to his lifeless team being battered by a side playing the kind of football he was once renowned for.

A very sombre night.
Our latest discovery: 7 Earth-size planets orbiting a red dwarf star. Lifeless rocks or ... ? We're studying them:
i don’t mean to brag, but i’ve been tired and lifeless literally all day
im tired & dont wanna get up but have to so can someone please come here & pull my lifeless body from this soft, warm heaven of a bed
Watch as firefighters pull a lifeless dog from a house fire in Spain and revive it using CPR.

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A date with Zayn would not involve coherent actions. It would involve him dragging my lifeless body through the street while I cried.
How would @TheFix and the media have reacted in '08 if my father had his lifeless body thrown into a van and lost a shoe on camera?
O God, you are my God it is you I seek! For you my body yearns; for you my soul thirsts, In a land parched, lifeless,
and without water. I look to you in the sanctuary
to see your power and glory. For your love is better than life; my lips shall ever praise you! Psalm 63:2-4
If LeBron were truly better than MJ, he wouldn't have berated JR Smith, publicly heaping blame on him. He would've rallied his troops, reset the tone by immediately attacking in OT. Game was still tied! Still there for the stealing! Instead, went lifeless. Went 0-4. Got blown out
He was allegedly arrested because he was not wearing a shirt. Four days later, his sister would see his lifeless body bearing marks of senseless beating.
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