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Babies form bonds through sound during their first few weeks of life. It can be difficult for babies in the NICU, and their parents. A Cleveland Clinic caregiver found a new way to bridge the gap – having mom and dad read a story. 📖 Read more:

Indiana graduate facing terminal cancer finds love; hopes experimental treatments at Cleveland Clinic will extend life

"If a patient needs a #kidneydonation , we want it to last their entire life," says Mayo Clinic#transplant  surgeon Mark Stegall, M.D. Read more about #MayoClinic 's transplant research:

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Donating a kidney to a loved one or a stranger provides them with the gift of life. Learn more about kidney donation at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic experts say women who have #stroke  symptoms should not delay seeking treatment. They say some women don't realize the symptoms could be life-threatening, and don't get the care they need in time.

💭 Phil Horner | "I think now is a good time for a change, though. I’m planning to do a bit more private physiotherapy at the clinic and also get more of a work-life balance." (2/3)

“We live in fear, not knowing when a shell could fall on us all.” Life in a clinic on the front lines of Libya's war.

Pro-life protesters have returned to a Perth abortion clinic after permits cancelled earlier this year were reinstated. #wanews  #Perthnews 

My friend @MiaHamm came to Mt Pleasant w/ @TeamFirstSA  April 2016 to teach soccer, life lessons. Did a clinic for @SpecialOlympics  Watch today 8p hr my interview w/Mia on sport, parenting & staff soccer games (she let me play once)

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REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES: Keitha Nelson surprised Mayo Clinic nurses with a delivery of Superheroes in Scrubs t-shirts to say THANK YOU during #NurseAppreciationWeek ! If you would like a t-shirt for yourself or a nurse you love, visit 💙 #MayoClinicFl 

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"I'm intersex, I don't get periods and I'm going through menopause." Babalwa is intersex - genetically male, but physically female. She and her partner Thando spoke to our health programme Life Clinic about why that makes her a 'unicorn'. #LifeClinic  | ?️‍?

WOW! Outside the Planned Parenthood HQ in NYC, a pro-life person gave a woman going inside a brochure. 45 minutes later the woman literally ran out of the abortion clinic! “I didn’t go through with it!"

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5 yo woke up with a fever. CVS Minute Clinic says she has flu, prescribes tamaflu. It’s the New Year so the new deductible kicks in. Pharmacy wants $198 for the tamaflu. If we didn’t have it, like millions don’t, she’d go without it, putting her life at risk. Barbaric.

PRAISE GOD! Incredible Video Shows Young Woman Walking Out of Abortion Clinic After Choosing Life for Her Baby

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Ealing council in west London has voted to enforce a buffer zone around the Marie Stopes abortion clinic which will make it an offence for pro-life campaigners to protest within 100m of the entrance

GREAT NEWS! Abortionist Arrested After Pointing a Gun at Pro-Life Advocates Outside His Abortion Clinic #MondayMotivation  #MondayMorning  FULL VIDEO here.....

BREAKING NEWS: Abortionist Pulls a Gun on a Pro-Life Advocate Protesting Abortion Outside His Clinic #FridayFeeling  #abortion  FULL VIDEO here....

If you're pro-life, here's something concrete you can do to protect life: GO SEE Unplanned THIS WEEKEND, the true story of Abby Johnson, the Planned Parenthood clinic director in Waco who became horrified by what she saw and experienced there:

WHOA! Just hours after over 1,000 pro-life people rallied to condemn @RepSims  for bullying pro-lifers, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic called 911 because it injured a woman in a botched abortion!

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where bullied pro-life women and teens was caught not reporting statutory rape of an 11-year-old girl. PA health dept reported "no documentation that the facility reported" the rape.