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George Washington Was Right: The Ideas of Liberty Spread Very Rapidly

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24 Fighter Jet Aircraft will be conducting a military flyover on the Hudson River near the Statue of Liberty and the Verrazzano Bridge on 8/22 at 9:30 AM. The aircraft will fly at approximately 2,500-3,000 ft.

While Hong Kong demands more freedom & liberty, the sissy white liberal leftists of #Antifa  seek to destroy America. This is why we #Trump2020 

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Foundation of democracy is liberty, will choose liberty over life: What P #Chidambaram  said in his defence in INX Media case

Liberty Beach is brilliant over five but a new test awaits as she tackles six in Lowther Stakes >

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Will Liberty Beach extend her winning sequence in the @SkyBet  Lowther Stakes at @yorkracecourse  on Thursday? 🤔 John Quinn gives us the inside track on his rapid filly who will be running over six furlongs for the first time ⬇️

A young girl discovered something slithery at Liberty International Airport'>Newark Liberty International Airport security checkpoint: a 15-inch-long snake that another traveler had apparently forgotten.

Same Team, Different Diagnosis: Tackling Gun Violence Without Trampling Liberty Stop what you're doing and read @flying_SwearAir 's testimony before the Virginia State Crime Commission:

One crazy day on the road becomes a moving portrait of allyship in Give Me Liberty

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So long as we're accepting updates to the Statue of Liberty poem, I have one: Give me your tired, your poor. And in exchange, we will give you Ken Cuccinelli

"Enslavement reigned for 250 years on these shores. When it ended, this country could've extended its hallowed principles — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — to all, regardless of color," writer Ta-Nehisi Coates told Congress. "But America had other principles in mind"

We are here to proclaim that a new day is coming in Latin America. In Venezuela and across the Western Hemisphere, Socialism is DYING - and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being REBORN...

Today I signed the @ChickfilA ⁩ law in Texas. And, had a great lunch. No business should be discriminated against simply because its owners donate to a church, the Salvation Army, or other religious organization. Texas protects religious liberty.

Our courageous and vigilant Armed Forces safeguard the blessings of liberty for us and for future generations by selflessly answering the call of duty. Today, and every day, we acknowledge and celebrate all who proudly wear our Nation’s uniforms!

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This one goes out to my beautiful Liberty'>Lady Liberty, my torch only lights for you girl. #Ad  #SkyyVodka  #ProudlyAmerican 

On this day of prayer, we once again place our hopes in the hands of our Creator. We give thanks for this wondrous land of liberty, & we pray that THIS nation – OUR home – these United States – will forever be strengthened by the Goodness and the Grace & the eternal GLORY OF GOD!

I'm grateful to @Sen JohnMcCain for his lifetime of service to our country. Congratulations, John, on receiving this year's Liberty Medal.

I’ve been hearing and claiming that ‘collusion is not a crime.’ Well, I took the liberty of reading the U.S. code myself. Here’s what the law actually says:

SHAME ON YOU, . You’ve chosen Trump over truth and liberty. You’ve chosen Trump over decency and honor. You’ve chosen Trump over equality and tolerance. You’ve chosen Trump over our environment and oceans. You’ve chosen Trump over the American people and Democracy.