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Dan Bongino: ‘Cut the B.S.: Liberalism Is a Cancer…It Destroys Every Single Thing It Touches’ via @cnsnews  @dbongino 

American liberalism in a nutshell: - MIT Media Lab does every disgraceful, militarist, industry-worshipping thing under the sun: “Wow, innovation! Disobedience! Geeks saving the world!” - MIT Media Lab and its overhyped director accept Epstein money: “OMG, they are monsters!”

Here's the @piersmorgan  comments (vid and text) about "illiberal liberalism" and #cancelculture . Is Piers being sensitive himself, or is he right that #race  today is only ever addressed with intimidation? Tackling this next Wed @FearlessCurious  in Syd

#PresidentTrump Jews Who Vote For Democrats Who Defend Omar & Tlaib Show Either A Total Lack Of Knowledge Or Great Disloyalty @realDonaldTrump  For Liberal Jews As With ALL Liberals The Religion Of Liberalism Supercedes Everything #DisloyalJews 

If advocates publicly embrace socialism, reject liberalism, & demonize conservatives, they risk influencing politicians & officials currently serving to view open government as a Trojan horse for radicalism, not as nonpartisan FOI/ATI reforms grounded in Enlightenment principles.

Fleabag review: Malignant guilt, sexual liberalism and laughs all the way

@SlawomirDebski  Tbf to Macron, the context was a push back against Putin’s remark to FT that liberalism is dead. Macron said that was untrue and Russia comes from a tradition of enlightenment, like France (but has lost its way). Was critical of Russia under Putin.

A Thousand Small Sanities: ‘White dude' mansplains US liberalism

A Thousand Small Sanities: ‘White dude’ mansplains US liberalism via @IrishTimesCultr 


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“Taken for Granted,” a wonderful new book by Gianno Caldwell on how Conservatism can win back the Americans that Liberalism failed, has my full Endorsement!

I strongly disagree with President Putin that liberalism is obsolete. What I find really obsolete are authoritarianism, personality cults, the rule of oligarchs. My press statement at #G20OsakaSummit :

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Peter Baker asks Trump if he agrees with Putin about demise of "Western-styleliberalism." Trump then criticizes LA and SF run which are "sad to look at" because they are run by "liberal people" ... which was not the question.

This weekend, Trump did not know what: (1) “Western liberalism” or (2) “busing” meant. This either betrays ignorance beyond even what his toughest critics believed (or) diminished mental capabilities due to age. Either way, Biden looks like Churchill by comparison🤣

Why is @realDonald Trump’s answer to @peterbakernyt ’s question about “Western liberalism” so important? (Trump responded with an answer about liberals in LA and San Francisco.) Because it seems to show that he doesn’t understand the term “leader of the free world” actually means.

Trump thinks “Western-style liberalism” refers to liberals on the West Coast, not the form of government of the country he is currently president of

ONCE AGAIN THE GIPPER GETS IT RIGHT DEPT: "If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism"--Ronald Reagan

Neo-liberalism is an ideology that ruins communities and ruins lives. It's an ideology that this Government is still absolutely wedded to as they continue to wreak havoc with their incessant cuts. #LabNorth18 

We must all live in a bubble online/in our liberalism to have thought this wasn't possible, but it was. This is America. So weird