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Canadian taxpayers have been stuck with the bill for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's travel by military aircraft, even when that travel combines official government business with Liberal party events, a CTV News Investigation reveals. @molkodavid 

📺 Did you manage to catch our new party broadcast on TV last night? 📺 Watch it again and hear more about how the Liberal Democrats are working hard to tackle the big issues that people are facing across the UK. 👇

This pamphlet by @gsoh31  examines the Labour Party’s ‘lost’ liberal past and its impact on Labour’s core identity in the last 120 years. ⬇️

The August travel, occurred when other parties were bound by the Liberal created restricted pre-writ period. "the Liberal Party of Canada did not reimburse the equivalent cost of the prime minister's air travel, or a portion of it"

Incredible: "..on the inside, there are Liberal steps to the bench. There is a peek through the candidate’s past political donations; local Liberal MPs get to have a say; the former justice minister even held a pizza party to involve Liberal backbenchers"

@LisaThompsonMPP  @3MF  @JohnFraserOSr  @DougFord2014aser  asks why the government bothers heckling a party that only has six members. "Sorry, I'm having too much fun here, " the Liberal interim leader says.

The case for @PeteButtigieg , according to @dylanmatthews : a liberal perceived as a moderate, with a hardheaded view of American institutions but a hopeful approach to campaigning, is exactly what the Democratic Party needs right now.

Former Liberal party state director won't be referred to high court over Chinese election signs

The 29% of Democrats who use Twitter are more liberal and less inclined to say the party should elect a candidate who seeks common ground with Republicans than Democrats who are not on Twitter. #DemDebate 

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Just want to get this out of the way so I only have to say it once: It's a big deal that an openly gay man is a serious contender for a major party's presidential nomination, and if you're liberal who wants to equivocate about that too much, you can pretty much fuck right off.

This is just a politically sophisticated analysis. In Canada, Biden would be a Liberal and @Ocasio2018  would be NDP. In the rest of the developed world the “universal hc costs too much” candidate would be in a conservative party.

For God’s sake! On a day we have catastrophic fire conditions, in the midst of a genuine national crisis, Morrison, the marketing guy, does what? He releases a Liberal Party ad! He is no longer fit to hold the high office of prime minister.

Exclusive: Justin Trudeau wore brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ party while he taught at a private school, Canada's Liberal Party admits

The Democratic Party can no longer be led by the liberal elite. We have to stand up to Wall Street and the greed of corporate America.

#BREAKING: CP24 declares a win for Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party. #cdnpoli  #cp24yourvote 

This is quite a look for the Revolution. A man who dedicated his life (through tragedy) to his party is now trashed as a racist and misogynist because he is insufficiently liberal. Good luck with that, folks. Why don’t you just send your checks directly to Trump?

CNN has the audacity to call Fox News "state run" while that liberal network had been carrying water for the Democratic Party for decades.

Hey, all! "Liberal" is not a political party. I'm not a liberal. I believe in human rights and equality. I am a Democrat.