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Poor liberal Joe and Mika continue their daily emotional meltdown. Hilarious video montage tonight at 10 on Hannity FNC
.@JoeNBC Liberal Joe is just a mentally unhinged Obama suck up "schmuck" to use a term he likes. What a disgrace.
Maybe liberal Joe should stop calling the @POTUS a schmuck, a liar, a thug and mentally unhinged. Were they kissing @POTUS ass at xmas? Yes
"@FranMFarber: @Morning_Joe @FoxNews @morningmika did not say very nice things about you this morning on her show. Typical liberal!" True!
Joe Biden lays into Putin's Kremlin: "Their purpose is clear — to collapse the liberal international order"
Huckabee Sanders defends Trump's "Morning Joe" attacks: He won't let "liberal media" bully him
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