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And if you have to hold your nose, hold your bloody nose. And there’s always swapmyvote to cushion the blow. Let’s not wake up on Dec 13 staring at 60 odd seats where if Lib Dem or Lab voters had lent their vote we wouldn’t be facing 5 years of unfettered Boris.

Voting intention by preferred Brexit outcome No Deal - 76% Con, 11% BXP, 4% Lab Boris Deal - 83% Con, 9% Lab Soft Brexit - 56% Con, 24% Lab, 6% Lib Dem Remain - 49% Lab, 30% Lib Dem, 7% Con

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Sam Gyimah has convinced himself that Melania Trump is a Lib Dem supporter

Jo Swinson's Andrew Neil interview: did the Lib Dem leader survive? - from The Week

“I think the implementation of it was quite crude” Lib Dem and former Conservative Sam Gyimah on coalition austerity programme, after his new party leader Jo Swinson apologised for some of the cuts #politicslive 

Lib Dem Sam Gyimah rejects claims there is a link between voting for his party and getting the Labour leader in to power “I did not leave the Conservatives as a minister, and give up a safe seat, to put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street” #politicslive 

Brexit expert claims Lib Dem policy to revoke Article 50 ‘could end up in courts’

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In Esher, YouGov has 49% Tory, 39% Lib Dem and 11% Labour. So if Labour backs Lib Dems, they could unseat Raab. Please can our pro-referendum parties stop being so tribal!

Lib Dem Leader@joswinson  takes on Nigel Farage, who appallingly tried to defend Donald Trump's boasts about sexual assault. #ITVDebate  #ITVElectionDebate 

Anna Soubry's Lying 'Leaver' is Remain Campaigning Lib Dem

The total dishonesty of Lib Dem campaigning ripped apart on national television

Here’s what new Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson doesn’t want you to know…

Latest YouGov poll has Brexit party with twice as many votes as Labour and Lib Dem’s. And three times more than Tories. This whole Brexit business could destroy the party system as we’ve known it.

A genuine question - why are Labour leader, Lib Dem leader and Speaker boycotting state banquet for , with US our closest ally - when they attended the one for President Xi - who comes from a country without elections, freedom of expression or basic human rights