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The EU is in trouble and Ursula Von der Leyen is the wrong person to rescue it, says Ashoka Mody

Shaping Europe's digital future: op-ed by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Talking with #robots  might be good fun for Ursula Von der Leyen, but regulating artificial intelligence is no laughing matter.

2020 will see more meetings between EU and Chinese leaders than ever before: regular EU-China summit/17+1 summit/Beijing visit of von der Leyen & Michel & Merkel/Leipzig summit. Would be a good year there4 to invest into better EU-US cooperation on #China !

Von der Leyen wants to connect Balkan countries closely to EU

Why Juncker and von der Leyen are the European Commission's "two popes"

Juncker added that back in December von der Leyen promised to visit him every week

Juncker: "I´m not gone, I still have an office in Brussels, just a few levels down from von der Leyen. We are like the two popes in the Vatican."

Not a good look. Leyen'>Von Der Leyen hiding from press ahead of closed door committee grilling over the wiping of data on two of her mobile phones wanted as part of a probe into awarding of improper by the German ministry she used to run


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"The EU does not have a trade agreement with Australia. We are currently trading on WTO terms" EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says she was "a little surprised" to hear Boris Johnson speak about an 'Australian model' for post-Brexit trade

Von der Leyen "surprised" to hear PM talk about the Australian model. "Australia is a strong and like minded partner, but the European Union does not have a trade agreement with Australia. We are currently trading on WTO terms. If this is the British choice we are fine with that"

EU's Leyen'>Ursula Von Der Leyen: "I think of the millions of ordinary British people who have taken to the streets in pro-European marches in the last few years."

NEW Von der Leyen: without the free movement of people you cannot have the free movement of capital and services. The more divergence there is the more distant the partnership will be.

?? Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the European Commission.

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? LIVE: watch as Parliament debates Ursula von der Leyen’s nomination for president of the European Commission

This is worth a read re new EU Commission President. “The Bundeswehr’s condition is catastrophic." — Kohl’s defence minister. The inconvenient truth about Ursula von der Leyen

? LIVE: Members of the European Parliament vote on the candidate for the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Stay tuned as later this evening we will stream the results ⬇

? LIVE: The results of the vote on the candidate for European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen are in. Watch to find out if she received members' support ⤵

Ursula von der Leyen, #EUCO  candidate for President of the European Commission ??

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