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Shoot, move, communicate, engage the enemy. What does it take to be a @10MTNDIV  infantryman? Hit ▶️ to watch soldiers from the most deployed unit since 2001 put rounds down range and hone their lethality. #KnowYourMil 

Replacing a model over 40 years old, the #USArmy  has permanently broadened one-station unit training for Infantry Soldiers from 14 to 22 weeks to increase lethality and readiness. Read more: Photo by Sgt. Yvette Zabala#ArmyReform 

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I don't know what to make of it precisely. But we've come to the point where a mass shooting that appears to have been the work of a foreigner inspired by jihadism was relatively low lethality as compared to the comparable mass shootings we do here on a routine basis.

Navy approves massive $22 billion contract for 9 submarines to boost US ‘lethality@USNavy 

A team of #USArmyReserve  trainers from the @1st_MSC  assessed a unit’s current readiness, ensuring performance standards & combat lethality. @jointbasemdl 

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Grandpa, tell me about the first combat drone with high munitions lethality.

Always ready to fight. Marines from @1st_Marine_Div  take part in adversary force training at Twentynine Palms, Calif., to increase their lethality in this era of great power competition. #KnowYourMil 

The idea of killer robots is terrible enough. But what happens when their cold lethality is added to the volatile political and religious mix of the Middle East?

"Denying our adversaries anonymity allows us to focus our lethality." Documents obtained by @ozm  shine a light on the US military's massive face recognition system, which it uses on everyone it comes into contact with abroad.

Time for the chiefs to get dirty! 🧗🏿 @usaiforce  senior enlisted leaders participate in Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills & Training at Joint Base San Antonio, a readiness course normally taken by Basic Military Training trainees to increase lethality. #KnowYourMil 


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Projecting lethality from the air! Fly along with the crew of this #AC130  gunship and see why they call these planes the Angels of Death. Watch mor #KnowYourMil :

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh: Indian Air Force is a technologically advanced and extremely potent force, the recent offensive strike against terrorist outfits in our neighbourhood speaks volumes about the reach and lethality of the formidable arm of the Indian Armed Forces.

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Heroes in the mist. Marines at train in extreme environments to maintain maximum lethality in even the most intense situations. #KnowYourMil 

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People who fabricate acts of violence to take advantage of a climate of hate and fear for personal gain should be held accountable. It doesn’t dispel the seriousness—or lethality—of the phenomenon they are attempting to exploit.

“It’s all based on lethality!” - #SecDef  James N. Mattis. Five separate services with one mission on the ground, in the sea, in the air and in space. Get to #KnowYourMil . ➡️

A judge said NRA affiliates challenging the law downplayed "the significant increase in the frequency and lethality" of mass shootings.

The 31st MEU gained a new level of lethality when the Lightning II jets landed on the beginning the aircraft’s first operational deployment.

Because @GOP  wasted years, held no informational hearings, then taped this vile bill together, most have no sense of its CERTAIN lethality.