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Eventually I got the courage to ask an anesthesiologist about the air filled syringe as lethal weapon. Charlie’s Angel’s was wrong!!!! It takes > 100 ml of air, maybe 200 ml 2/

@bigjsavage  Between the two, I've never laughed harder than during 'Bad Boys' but Lethal Weapon had some killer features, Joe Pesci, Chris Rock, & Jet Li. but the Mel Gibson "pack of nyggas " rant, takes some of the luster off the franchise. gimme Bad Boys

Watching this Canucks/Leafs tilt...amazing what you could get away with to defend in 1994. Players essentially using bear hugs to slow down guys like Clark & Linden. That was also the only way to have any hope of containing Bure who was an absolute lethal weapon on the ice.

Lethal Weapon 3 was a badass movie especially the pinball game was badass! 🎮🕹👾

@chickenbaconran  @LocalPoliticsisWhen  you study weasel words, you understand most of the news reporting business would be impossible without them. They are a lethal weapon, many people are wired to skip over them.

"One would think that at a time when the globetrotting virus continues its lethal assault not just on people, but on health systems and entire societies as well, guns would not be the weapon of choice in this particular war."

Amanda and I have reached the "Wow, they have all the Lethal Weapon movies on Netflix" phase of home isolation.

PSA: The ‘Lethal Weapon’ series is on @netflix . Although, you really only need to see 1 and 2.

From "Lethal Weapon" 1-4 to "Zombieland" and "Rambo: Last Blood," there's something for everyone's self-quarantined binging pleasure.


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A fifth and final Lethal Weapon is in the works, with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover attached.

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I don’t think we’re being over-dramatic. The plastic bag is, in fact, a lethal weapon. We have some big battles ahead. Let’s fight them together...

Those suggesting the AR-15 was NOT developed as a weapon of war should read up on history. The AR-15 was developed as a military weapon to replace the M-14. Eugene Stoner designed it to be lighter and more lethal than the M-14. It was far deadlier than the M-16 used in Vietnam.

Back to back like they're on the cover of Lethal Weapon.

Surprised Belichick risked $10 mil guaranteed on AB (but just for one year). AB will be the greatest test of the Belichick/Brady structure. But if AB can live by the NFL's strictest rules, he'll provide Brady his most lethal weapon since Randy Moss.

The most lethal weapon in our arsenal — is a Marine.

GOD DAMN! "Logic Voice" First try back to back like I'm on the cover of lethal weapon.

3:16:16 followed by #StPatricksDay  cue lethal weapon montage "I'm getting to old for this ......" Have a happy #GoGreen4PatricksDay 

Game 7, sudden death, NHL Playoffs... like smoking 5 cigs at once while doing cocaine lines and sitting on the Lethal Weapon 2 toilet.

i'm just trying to enjoy Break-the-Internet day with my family but ppl wanna pull me into conflict. feel like danny glover in lethal weapon