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Ukraine has finally removed all 1,320 Lenin statues. Our turn. - The Washington Post
President Bannon's brilliant strategy of only playing to the base while enraging the rest of America adds up to 36%. Great job, Lenin.
In 1987, the Trumps stayed in Lenin’s suite at the National Hotel near Red Square. “The hotel was linked to the glass-and-concrete Intourist complex next door and was — in effect — under KGB control. The Lenin suite would have been bugged.”
Bannon in 2013: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, & that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down"
There were over 5,500 statues of Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine in 1991.

Today they are none left.
Not saying my son takes after me in love of puns, but for his sister's birthday he's made her a 'Lenin Drizzle Cake'
Communism has left a long and bloody trail of destruction in the 100 years since Lenin’s coup in Russia
Watch to find out why Lenin sent a telegram of congratulations when Mussolini created the first fascist state 👇🏻
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