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Wow. Don Lemon doesn't hold back.
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As an experiment watched CNN's Don Lemon's opening diatribe of unending hostility to Trump.No wonder Trump attacked media intensely
@luke5sos @5secsofsummer the lemon man
Thanks very much @TwiningsTeaUK ! love the ole lemon and ginger tea! Love the boxes aswell haha
I went to the shop. I bought lemon curd. I ate my first lemon curd sandwich for about 12 years. It was ace.
if you were a lemon, id put you on my shelf and cherish you like i cherish all our lemons
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Don Lemon: "A total eclipse of the facts....Lied to the American people....He's unhinged. It's embarrassing....Without thought...No sanity."
"Well, what do you say to that?" Don Lemon responds to Trump's speech, calling it a "total eclipse of the facts"
Hotels only serve water with lemon and quite frankly I'm sick of it
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