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Really trying my best in each city to put on a good show fr fr...hope yall enjoying the shows... what do u like about em? What do u dislike? Lemme know and appreciate yall regardless ❤️😎🙏

Hey there all - I've got a spare ticket to Tesky Brothers tonight, if anyone wants to buy it. $50 should do it. Lemme know :)

vampire: I want to suck your blood me: okay but seriously, what's up with the 'no garlic' thing? vampire: ... I wa- me: but have you TRIED garlic? it's the BEST. Like there is nothing it can't make taste better. even a neck vampire: ... me: here lemme grate a clove real quick

😭😂😂shiii lemme deliver it to you

New content things happening over on the @initialized  IG - follow & lemme know what you think.

cool nice seats but if 302(b)s come up lemme know too

I’m on a new anti-anxiety med called ‘working with @JudithLight’ and lemme tell you it’s working like a charm- the only major side effects are clear skin, a bountiful harvest & looking like a good actor

Lemme know if you need liner notes or factoids about any song! :)

There is no better song than Harry Hood. I’ve flirted with others for years — Tweezer, YEM, Chalk Dust — but the way Hood explodes home every time just melts me. It’s been my commute soundtrack every day this week and lemme tell ya, I feel good.

@ianbeckett  @premnsikkaSo  lemme get this straight... The company is going to pay its existing audit firm, the one that may have missed all the problems, to do more? What's the likelihood KPMG will report that it missed some stuff?


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Nice To Meet Ya Stripped version is out now ! Go give it a listen and lemme know what ya think

So lemme get this str8.... You paying $45K a semester for 4yrs to get a certificate for a job that pays you $40K a year? 🤔 This is a bad plan.

. @iamcardib  Yo I’ve gotta a sick tune if you wanna jump on it lemme know 🤘🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

if u drink and drive, lemme know where ur at so we can meet up and I can punch u in the fuckin face until it’s flat

CONGRATS!!!! To hell with the ball, lemme hold some 💰

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