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U R sexy from head to toe your face hands your hair that body those legs ankles & toe rings *amreading *bookclubs

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Louise Redknapp unleashes neverending legs in teeny hot pants and leather stilettos

Crab legs on me For to 2 people that always show my page love ❤️ love y’all 😊

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BTCCNY 3hr market entry. Two more bull legs to recent highs? 🙋 Bet with $BTC via ⟶ √

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Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said police should be trained to shoot at the legs of assailants, which police training experts decry as impractical and dangerous. Via @StephenGutowski  and @DavidRutz 

Brilliant job Eden, thank you. For years there’s been another a site I’ll not name devoted to catching shots of us up our skirts, when we cross our legs, of our breasts along with apalling commentary. It’s daily, it’s constant and internet providers have no problem with it.

Did you know that, to get an accurate blood pressure, you should uncross your legs before getting your blood pressure taken and keep them uncrossed?

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In preparation for tonight’s @natasnw  #NWEmmys  I played #pickleball  for 3 1/2 hours and went on a 5 mile hike in woods with the family and now I can’t feel my legs!

Another man has been charged after a security guard was tied up and two pallets of crab legs worth thousands of dollars were stolen, according to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.


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So excited about having announced the first legs of the stadium tour. So looking forward to announcing more dates soon!!!!!!!

Can't believe that harry styles shaves his legs :o

Justin, there is no danger in a man that hugs legs, we all know. Try and dance around what the real threat is here all you want. I am going to fucking butcher you. Your teeth. I’m going to put them on a fucking necklace. Speak on my skills as a father? You are fucking dead.

Just a daddy long legs looking for his mommy wide thighs.

Just as an FYI That entrance costume was super heavy .... Like 45 lbs ..... My legs were shot... Only reason Daniel beat me !!!!!!

*gets seen with someone of the opposite gender* *is now married to them with 3 kids and a dog named scrappy with only 3 legs*

I can't believe my naked legs are on the front of our tour program. LOL

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Nervous ! fingers, arms , legs , eyes are all crossed for this weekend! #SOML