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‘The thing that really struck me about Gibran was how impressive it was that he’s considered a national hero when, really, he spent no time in Lebanon,’ co-writer @NadimNaaman  told us on Lebanon’s poet Kahlil Gibran’s autobiographical novel #BrokenWings 

“Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea. “Deuteronomy 11:24 ►🕊

From pension protestors in France to anti-government demonstrations in Lebanon, these are the most striking photos of the week.

Carlos Ghosn has reunited with Lebanon, and he's drawing from his deep pool of influential businessmen, lawyers and public officials in his quest to clear his name

Protesters in Lebanon attack banks in ‘week of rage’ as financial crisis bites

Organic roses... born in Syria, raised in the Bekka Valley of Lebanon.

Album review: The sound of metal from Lebanon via The Netherlands, from Kaoteon.

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Lebanon default ‘probable’, deposit grab ‘possible’ — Fitch


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2. In fact the evidence pointing to that came as three discrete facts: a) A pattern of travel showing Suleimani was in Syria, Lebanon & Iraq to meet with Shia proxies known to have an offensive position to the US. (As one source said that’s just “business as usual” for Suleimani)

This woman’s 15-month-old son was scared when protesters surrounded their car in Lebanon. So the protesters started singing “Baby Shark” to calm him.

Iranians will consider US killing soleimani an act of war. A proxy war could erupt. Likely in iraq, but also a danger in lebanon and israel. This is a big escalation.

Beautiful MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN rally in Lebanon, Ohio. Thank you! #ICYMI , watch here:

A small sign of solidarity. I chose to wear a gown by a designer from a majority Muslim country. Thanks to of Lebanon. #Oscars 

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UPDATE: On my way back from Lebanon. People there are shaking their heads as Trump still refuses to send congressionally mandated security aid. Lebanon may become the next Ukraine or Kurds. Let me tell you how dangerous this moment is. It’s important and you need to know.

We are gathered together on this solemn occasion to fulfill our most reverent and sacred duty. 35 years ago, 241 American service members were murdered in the terrorist attack on our Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Today, we honor our fallen heroes...

I don’t pretend to know the politics and nuance of the situations in Chile and Lebanon. But I see the power of the people. Protesting. Making it impossible to ignore their dissent. Rising up en masse. I wish we would too.

Trump to block visas to anyone from Iran Iraq Libya Somalia Sudan Syria Yemen 9/11 bombers from Saudi Arabia 15 UAE 2 Egypt 1 Lebanon 1

And Lebanon and Baghdad and Beirut and Mexico and the rest of the entire world. You're in my prayers no matter where you are. I'm so sorry.