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You could potentially earn annualized yields of 1,600% by buying Lebanese debt. If you get paid back.

Debt markets should pay attention to Lebanese stand-off

‘When I started creating jewelry, my goal was to create something that really means something to the (buyer), but also says something about the time we’re in,’ Lebanese'>Brazilian-Lebanese designer Nadine Ghosn @NGFineJewelry ) tells us

Drawing attention to Lebanon’s broken governing system is not enough. Lebanese protesters need to agree on how to fix it, @anchalvohra  writes.

Hotel occupancy rates in Beirut have plunged to 10-15 percent. Tourism had been one of the country’s only bright spots. However bad you think the Lebanese economy is, it is worse than that

A partnership between @theirworld  and @HeriotWattUni  @EBS_Global  means that 20 full #MBA  scholarships are now available for refugees and Lebanese nationals living in Lebanon.

‘Going back through time, you (can learn) a lot about civilizations’ cultures through their jewelry, transitioning from one generation to the next,’ Lebanese'>Brazilian-Lebanese designer Nadine Ghosn @NGFineJewelry ) tells us

Defense officials accused Bolton’s staff of misrepresenting the department’s views in the official memos on issues ranging from the designation of IRGC as a terrorist organization to the provision of military aid to Lebanese armed forces.

Debt markets should pay attention to Lebanese stand-off


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The bottom line is simple: (1) in a way this is Ukraine again - it’s not legal for Trump to hold funding that Congress authorized; (2) whatever his reason, defunding the Lebanese military does the exact opposite of our policy goals, and signals another abandonment of a key ally.

This is beautiful. Beethoven’s Ode to Joy sang in Arabic by Lebanese protesters. ??

Lebanese news outlets saying Carlos Ghosn was smuggled out of Japan in a box designed for transporting musical instruments, this story is incredible

Just stunning. Holding the money weakened the Lebanese military just at the moment that they were holding the country together. There's literally nothing in the Middle East this White House can't screw up (State and DoD opposed the hold FYI).

NEWS: I just arrived in Lebanon to see firsthand the efficacy of U.S. aid to the Lebanese military, a force for stability here at an unstable moment. Important: the aid is congressionally mandated. Like the Ukraine aid, by law it cannot be withheld by POTUS. Stay tuned for more

? Hasan Yousif Zbib ? Yasir Ahmad Dahir These Lebanese Shiite militia operatives were behind the attempt to attack Israel with killer drones and were killed when we foiled the attack. Here they are pictured flying to Iran to receive drone-operation training.

Actor Benicio del Toro joined Palestinians for a moment of silence at the Cannes Film Festival to protest the Israeli army’s killing of at least 60 Palestinians in Gaza. On the red carpet, Lebanese actress Manal Issa held up her own sign in protest.

A hidden camera captured nursing home staff physically and verbally abusing an elderly Lebanese man.

Lebanese actress Manal Issa holds a sign that reads "Stop the Attack on Gaza" at the premiere of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" at #Cannes2018 . Israeli soldiers shot and killed 59 Palestinians in mass protests on the Gaza border on Monday. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

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Lebanese theaters won't be screening “Wonder Woman.”

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