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ICYMI on #SundayTODAY : My conversation with ORLANDO BLOOM on his new Amazon series “Carnival Row”, his leap straight from drama school into two of the biggest movie franchises in Hollywood history, and his recent engagement to @katyperry .

"After my life was saved by #HIV  medication, I decided to take a leap and help others know that an HIV diagnosis is not the end of life." Learn how a counsellor in Cameroon is saving lives by providing #mentalhealth  support to young people living w/ #HIV :

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46' Aribo almost grabs the opening goal as his header goes past the post after a great leap to get on the end of a Tavernier delivery | 0-0

Bag 10! Which caused all manner of hoohah. And if you want to watch the hoohah unfold, leap to @LegoWith ⁩

huge leap forward from qubits to quitrits.

I love the recklessness of #faith . First you leap and then you grow wings. William Sloane Coffin (Photo: JuneStoyer)

Houston Texans are the new AFC South favorite. Colts' roster is in good shape, but Brissett is going to have to make a huge leap to get them back up there with the top teams.

Morning @FitzySA  hope all is well. Just wondering whether you could have a chat with the fellas & see if they can't do us @HawthornFC  guys a favour & knock off those dogs? Obviously not by too much, can't have you leap-frogging us. I'm sure you understand. Yours in thanks. Shu


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Moves on the @billboardcharts : @x1official101  makes a leap on the #EmergingArtists  chart, without releasing any music thus far

50 years ago today, people around the globe gathered at their radios & televisions to join two humans as they landed on the Moon for the first time. As they took one small step, a giant leap was accomplished. Relive and understand this #Apollo50th  moment:

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This cat is about to take a crazy leap — with his BED 🙀

Neil Armstrong: “That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” As these words were spoken 50 years ago now, history was made. From then on, we lived in a world where humans had set foot on the Moon. Celebrate the #Apollo50th  anniversary:

Sources: Leonard and George met in LA earlier in week. Clippers had long been frontrunners for Leonard, but it is unlikely he would've made final leap to sign without PG trade. Clippers imagined Leonard as part of a Lakers Big 3 --- and knew they had no choice. They did OKC deal.

My meeting in Argentina with President Xi of China was an extraordinary one. Relations with China have taken a BIG leap forward! Very good things will happen. We are dealing from great strength, but China likewise has much to gain if and when a deal is completed. Level the field!

This cat is about to take a crazy leap — with his BED 🙀

Whale watchers squeal with delight as three surfacing humpbacks leap out of the water almost simultaneously right next to their boat in rare triple breach.

For the record “send” is a massive leap forward from voluntarily “leave.” For the president to bask in the chant while his race rally calls for the removal of a sitting congresswoman from the country is a historical moment you should remember.

Vande Bharat has been the next leap forward for Indian Railways not only in terms of transportation, but also for passenger services. The hospitality extended to travellers in Vande Bharat Express is setting new standards.