Results for Leadership Contest

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For today’s @IrishTimes  politics podcast, I’m joined by @fiachkelly  & @Jennifer_Bray  to discuss the @labour  leadership contest and whether ‘otiose’ (h/t @PatLeahyIT ) is the correct term for the current government formation process.

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“We’re trying not to take lumps out of each other and attack each other publicly.” @Keir_Starmer  calls for unity in the Labourleadership contest.

Norbert Röttgen is Germany's Macron. He is not the guy most likely to win the CDU leadership contest, but the one best placed to form a coalition with the Greens if he were to win. -

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin has said that he will contest the Labour Party leadership, hours after party colleague Alan Kelly launched his campaign for the position

All the Labour candidates have tacked to the left, but do they really mean it? Here’s my state of play for the Labour leadership contest

Labour under a zombie leader cannot stand for anything therefore cannot in an real sense of opposition exist. So this leadership contest isn't about moving forward, it's about starting all over again. Now, explain to me why I am wrong.

Just had an interesting phone call with someone about the Labour leadership. Conclusion was that the Labour party needs to get a proper grip on what this contest is: it's not about recapturing the heart of the party, but about it being a party at all, which it currently isn't

New Scottish Conservative leader @Carlaw4Eastwood  has named his front bench team No job for his rival in the leadership contes @BallantyneMl 

Alan Kelly has been formally nominated to contest the Labour party leadership contest - with two of the party's other five TDs supporting him.


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It's nothing short of hypocrisy for the Tory government to claim 16 and 17-year-olds aren’t mature enough to vote in elections, but not apply this rule to its own leadership contest.

As Tory leadership contest heats up, the UK’s most popular political figure is urged to throw his hat into the ring.

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Do please retweet if you believe @BorisJohnson  should for once in his life do the right thing and withdraw from the Toryleadership contest

It’s an overused word but this leadership contest really is surreal. The contenders who understand Brexit know they can’t tell the truth about it without losing so they’re aping the buffoonery of contenders who don’t understand anything. The only challenge is telling them apart.

Rules of the Next Tory Leadership Contest: 1. Winner can’t be a remainer. 2. Winner can’t be a former remainer.

BREAKING: Toryleadership contest cancelled after all 11 candidates check into rehab.

Beware the pervasive consensus of the mainstream media commentariat that a Toryleadership contest changes nothing. Mrs May’s departure lifts a huge deadweight from British politics. We don’t know who or what will come out from under it.

This morning I was on the @MarrShow  discussing the likelihood of a Labourleadership contest#Marr 

A political party blocking tens of thousands of its own members from voting in a leadership contest is not a good look.