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"I have a mask,” Biden tells @Jim_Gardner . "I’ve not been going out. I’ve been staying inside the house or on the lawn. But…when I go out and have discussions with Secret Service, I put on the mask, at the doctor’s suggestions. But I haven’t been going to stores or anything."

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question answered: yes. it’s still lawn boy. Now more than ever, in so many ways

Someone in Toronto put up a sign on their front lawn thanking grocery store workers and calling them superheroes #Toronto  #COVID19 

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Did Lawn Bog ever stop? Is this still Lawn Boy? Is that why this is happening?

"This family stays home." FastPost, a Livermore sign-making business is honoring graduating seniors and families who follow the stay-at-home order by creating unique lawn signs. #coronavirus 

No one's going to get this, but I wonder which of the replays going on now will end first? Cal's victory lap or Lawn Boy

Bob Bennetta plays the keyboard on the front lawn of his Belmont home to spread music and joy to his neighbors!


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In 1987, the federal government banned metal-tipped lawn darts because a single child died from one

This is a grave and solemn moment for our country. #POTUS , from the WH lawn, is openly calling on foreign powers to smear his political rival. I urge my GOP colleagues to join us and save our democracy. History will commend us, and future generations will be the beneficiaries.

Jussie Smollett charged with being a liar and fraud and making a lot of politicians and Hollywooders look like chumps. Why didn't the cops surround HIS house with 29 SWAT guys at 5am and march HIM on his lawn w/ CNN tipped off and taping?

The misconduct continues: Just two months ago, Trump on the White House lawn requested China and Ukraine investigate the Bidens. Just this week, Rudy Giuliani went to the White House to brief Trump after his trip to Ukraine. This is an ongoing threat to our democracy.

.....Country being forced to endure a long and costly trial. Tell the people “OUT,” and they must leave, just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn. Hiring thousands of “judges” does not work and is not acceptable - only Country in the World that does this!

Man who mowed lawn with tornado behind him says he 'was keeping an eye on it'

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Insider-trading at picnics on the lawn? A domestic abuser handling state secrets? Secret recordings in the Situation Room? The White House is compromised and corrupted. Only a Congress #ForThePeople  can clean it up.

USA. we’ve opened up an extra lawn area at the ROWYSOTour venues. lawn tix are $15 for the nxt 24hrs if you want them

These photos lack context. Facts: In 2015, over 40 football staff were on the stairs. In 2017, they were seated on the Lawn'>South Lawn.