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“There is no crime here. I just think this whole thing should be rejected out of hand. I wouldn’t waste a minute of taxpayer dollars or time on this. Entertaining this Impeachment is a joke.” Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle  @FoxNews 

Sen. Martha McSally called CNN's @mkraju  a "liberal hack" when he asked her if the Senate should consider the new evidence in the impeachment trial. Laura Ingraham of Fox News later asked Sen. McSally the same question. Here's how she answered.

Martha McSally Yuks It Up With Laura Ingraham About Her Manu Raju Insult, But Then Repeatedly Dodges When Asked Same, 'Easy Question' About Senate Witnesses

CNN's John Berman Calls Out 'Liberal Hack' Laura Ingraham for Asking EXACT Question Raju Asked McSally

According to @juliaioffe  , the lesson of the #MeToo  moment was that we must never question Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ann Coulter, or Laura Ingraham. Also, those who questioned Judy Miller in 2002 and 2003 should probably apologize.

CNN's John Berman Calls Out 'Liberal Hack' Laura Ingraham for Asking EXACT Question Raju Asked McSally

Jeff Sessions on Laura Ingraham says the 'American people' are 'not happy' about impeachment. He knows, he says, because he's 'traveled all over Alabama' and got the 411.

Docs show Lev Parnas texting with pro-Trump PAC official Joseph Ahearn. When asked "what should I send don to tweet," apparently meaning Donald Trump Jr., Parnas sent links from Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, The Hill, The Daily Wire, and other outlets...

Fox News host Laura Ingraham suggests Nancy Pelosi has "dementia" over handling of Trump impeachment

Laura Ingraham claims Nancy Pelosi has dementia for claiming Trump asked Ukraine for a personal favor


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If the new reports are correct the “attack caravan” from Central America is up to 4,000 people. If Laura Ingraham’s estimate is right and it costs about $7,000 per person where is the $28 million coming from. This is $28 million to attack American sovereignty.

“The real story involves Hunter Biden going around the world and collecting large payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs.” Peter Schweizer Laura Ingraham Hunter made a fortune in Ukraine and in China. He knew nothing about Energy, or anything else.

I will be interviewed by Laura Ingraham tonight at 10:00 P.M. on @FoxNews 

If Laura Ingraham’s estimate of $7,000 per person is right the curret caravan is at least a $21 million project. Paid for by someone who wants to undermine America.

The tweet from was ill-advised and Laura has apologized. But know this: the sponsor boycott is not some spontaneous uprising by companies. It is being directed by powerful, shadowy radical groups who want Laura Ingraham off the air.

LeBron made his first public comments since Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized him for speaking out.

UPDATE: Johnson & Johnson, one of the biggest advertisers in the country, drops Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News following attack on Parkland survivors It’s the 6th advertiser to drop the show today.

I agree with Laura Ingraham. LeBron James wants to trash talk the president in the most vile way, then let’s have at it. Come on tough guy, let’s see just how smart you are.