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Two men who said they were members of the Latin Kings street gang could face 15 years in federal prison for bringing cocaine to Vermont in exchange for firearms intended for use in a “war” in Boston, if a judge accepts a plea agreement.

@chrislhayes  "Alls I'm saying is that he gets no visit to the WH & the military aid stays frozen until he appears on CNN & says he's investigating Biden. Stop talking Latin at me! "

UPDATE 1-Whirlpool sales miss estimates as Latin America drags via Reuters #news  #reuters 

Prosecutor says video to show Latin King in killing; defense calls witnesses ‘lying teen-agers’

Brujería has long been considered taboo in many Latin American countries. Some South Florida brujas want to break that stigma.

My Latin isn't great but this, from US Ambo to Ukraine, sure sounds the definition of a 'quid pro quo' to me: “Ambassador Sondland told Mr. Yermak that the security assistance money would not come until President Zelensky committed to pursue the Burisma investigation.”

Brazilian folk-pop duo @oanavitoria  has topped the charts in both Portugal and Brazil and earned a Latin Grammy since they formed in 2015. Check out their latest single here:

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Latin'>Poor Latin, the dead language that never asked to be dragged into this.

▶️ World bank graph does not show full picture of economic situation in Latin America

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We are here to proclaim that a new day is coming in Latin America. In Venezuela and across the Western Hemisphere, Socialism is DYING - and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being REBORN...

Just announced #ShawnMendesTheTour  Latin America dates! So excited to finally come play these shows! Head here for dates & ticket info x

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You all ready for the comeback of #NCT127  with the first full album ‘NCT #127  Regular-Irregular’?? Hope you enjoy the Latin Trap genre with unique vocal and rap in the title song ‘Regular.’   💿 #NCT127_Regular_Irregular_Regular_Irregular  #Regular_Irregular '>Album Releas #Regular_Irregular #NCT  2018.10.12.  

Gallup Poll: “Open Borders will potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans.” This would be a disaster for the U.S. We need the Wall now!

Muchas Gracias Spanish and Latin fans for all your support! We are so happy to be finally visiting you here in Spain

shoutout to all of Latin America...i got love for all my Latin Girls

Can't believe we just announced our stadium tour. Starts in latin america, ireland an UK. Hopefully we can bring it all around the world!!!

merry Christmas from my hella big hella latin family

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