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Our Economic Revival will last 1-2 Quarters and will features such noted speakers as Larry Kudlow, J Powell, Steve Mnuchin and Tom Lee

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The U.S. government is "furious at what China has done in recent days, weeks, and months," comments Larry Kudlow "China has behaved very badly (with a) lack of information, lack of transparency."

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NEWS - WH Larry Kudlow'>Econ Advisor Larry Kudlow says G7 is happening at White House in late June. WH previously talked about this as an aspirational plan, but Kudlow told reporters this morning G7 leaders are coming.

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WH economic advisor Larry Kudlow says US Govt "furious" at China's mishandling of the Coronavirus outbreak and imposition of expanded control over Hong Kong. On @foxandfriends , he said Pres Trump will be announcing new steps to hold China accountable for its actions.

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NEC Larry Kudlow'>Director Larry Kudlow said yesterday there are “some glimmers of hope” for the economy “amidst all the hardship and heartbreak.”

Larry Kudlow, US President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, says China made a "huge mistake" in passing its Hong Kong national security law and will be held accountable.

KUDLOW: "President Trump is very keen on a payroll tax holiday for the workforce," comments Larry Kudlow on Newsmax TV "We can have our opening and get the economy moving - but we can do it in a safe manner with best practices all around,"

NEC Larry Kudlow'>Director Larry Kudlow says there are “some glimmers of hope” for the economy “amidst all the hardship and heartbreak.”

Best thing Hassett has done for his reputation is to stand next to Larry Kudlow.


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On the same day Larry Kudlow said coronavirus was “contained” on Feb. 25th, Trump’s campaign spox made an even more bold claim. “We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here..and isn't it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama."

Larry Kudlow thinks we should slash the corporate tax rate in HALF and suspend capital gains taxes in order to stimulate the economy. For the last time: Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations don’t create jobs and grow the economy. It’s the same old Republican strategy.

The negotiations with China have already started. Unless extended, they will end 90 days from the date of our wonderful and very warm dinner with President Xi in Argentina. Bob Lighthizer will be working closely with Steve Mnuchin, Larry Kudlow, Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro.....

Larry Kudlow will be my Chief Economic Advisor as Director of the National Economic Council. Our Country will have many years of Great Economic & Financial Success, with low taxes, unparalleled innovation, fair trade and an ever expanding labor force leading the way! #MAGA 

Our Great Larry Kudlow, who has been working so hard on trade and the economy, has just suffered a heart attack. He is now in Walter Reed Medical Center.

This is absolute organizational chaos. WH Larry Kudlow'>Advisor Larry Kudlow is on cable TV right now saying the US has contained Coronavirus, just hours after the CDC warned Americans to prepare for significant disruptions to their lives.

As our friend Larry Kudlow calls it—the blue-collar, middle-class Trump Economy in action!

NEWS: Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home