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If you haven't heard of rocket scientist Dr Anita Sengupta@Doctor_Astro ) then here's why you should. Her pioneering work helped land Nasa's Curiosity Rover on Mars in 2012. Here's how her love of all things space began...

March #AutoSales  | Tata Motors: Total JLR UK sales slip 30.9% at 17,175 units Vs 24,862 units (YoY) Total Jaguar UK sales down 41.4% at 4,794 units Vs 8,182 units (YoY) Land Rover'>Total Land Rover UK sales down 25.8% at 12,381 units Vs 16,680 units (YoY)

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NEWS: The #NHS  will get a boost from Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover with the firm’s 3D printers being used to create protective visors…>>

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10 of Land Rover’s biggest road trips: in pics. Adventure vicariously through the medium of LR’s classic off-road expeditions →

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Punishing proving grounds Step back in time 65 years to witness Land Rover's most gruelling vehicle tests including the new Defender's trek across Africa


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Save the date! One year from today, Feb. 18, 2021, our next rover is set to land on Mars. Get to know #Mars2020  now:

Between increasingly anti-immigration policies & escalating rhetoric against Iran, it's hard to feel comfortable in my own country as a child of an Iranian immigrant. Qualifications: red, white, & blue stars & stripes hair while helping to land a rover on Mars

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Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover to invest £1 billion to build a new range of electric cars in Britain, protecting 2,500 jobs and, according to its CEO, creating “a powerhouse of electrification in the Midlands".

UPDATE: 30 advertisers have dropped Tucker Carlson: Pacific Life Nerd Wallet Bowflex Indeed Smile Direct Minted Takeda TD Ameritrade Zenni IHOP United Explorer Scott Evest Just for Men Land Rover Voya Career Builder LEESA SodaStream Samsung Pfizer SanDisk Graze (con't)

The fact that Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover is expanding in Slovakia makes a mockery of both Brexiters' claim that the sackings here have nothing to do with Brexit *and* Jeremy Corbyn's argument about state aid.

Blimey - Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover has shifted all production of its Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia originally was to be also produced in Solihull... Corbyn raised it to PM at G7 questions

NEW: Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover boss Ralph Speth, at the same event as the PM tells Sky News that no Deal Brexit could hit its profits by £1.2bn... said he is “very very concerned” by the prospect of cross channel blockages on supply chains “stopping the production lines”

He runs Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover. We now live in a country where people think Peter Bone & Nadine Dorries have a better grasp of the international automotive industry than he does.

The sooner we accept that Owen Paterson & Jacob Rees Mogg know much more about running Land Rover'>Jaguar Land Rover than the bloke who runs Jaguar Land Rover, the better for all concerned.

Land Rover'>Visited Jaguar Land Rover factory. The focus on technology, quality & innovation was impressive. @Jaguar  @LandRover