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Lance Armstrong 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN: Episode 1 time, TV channel, how to watch live stream online with ESPN+ (5/24/2020)

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A new documentary set to air tonight probes Lance Armstrong's doping lies

What's on TV today: A portrait of Lance Armstrong airs on ESPN, while a documentary about Kate Nash is available to rent

TV-radio: ESPN doc on Lance Armstrong premieres tonight, @ToddFreed57  hopes to relaunch canceled high school show, local radio ratings, etc.

Great read by @politiCOHEN_ ⁩ The rise and fall of Lance Armstrong: What you need to know before watching 'LANCE' - via @espn  App

Lance Armstrong admits he first started doping when he was 21. That's younger than what was previously reported.


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"Who is this kid Lance Armstrong?" LANCE, Part 1 premieres tonight at 9 PM ET on ESPN.

TSA agent (staring intently): I’m trying to figure out who you look like before checking your ID. Me: ok TSA: that cyclist Armstrong! Nearby agent: that ain’t Lance Armstrong Me: he’s right TSA: oh you look like that skateboarder (checks ID). Same last name too! Crazy! Me: crazy

Can't we give Lance Armstrong a break? I tried riding a bike once on drugs. If anything it was a lot harder. I was in a hedge within seconds

Did Milli Vanilli keep their Grammy Award? Did Lance Armstrong keep his Tour de France trophies? So why should the NY Times and WAPO keep their Pulitzers for their “deeply sourced” and “relentlessly reported coverage” of Trump/Russia “collusion?”

Thanks, Tim. I take your point. But reconsidering a decision isn't always terrible, is it? If it were, we'd still be trying to grow peanuts in Tanzania, Lance Armstrong would have won the Tour de France seven times, and the Birmingham Six would still be in prison.

After years of lying to my face, Lance Armstrong apologizes in an email. He can keep it. My column:

Thank you, Lance Armstrong, for sitting down with Oprah last night. I missed the interview, but I heard it was dope. #ThankYouNoteFriday 

I know a lot more bout Lance Armstrong and T'eo than i do about Fast and Furious and what happened in Benghazi.

BBC exclusive: "I'd probably cheat again," says shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong (via @danroan )

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How didn't they know Lance Armstrong was cheating? I mean look at this.

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