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Singer @ladygaga  says she doesn’t always agree with the phrase “we’re all in this together”

@ladygaga  hits all 3 late night shows to promote "One World: Together At Home." #BillboardNews 

@ladygaga  is calling on tech developers to come together and build a solution to shut down the #COVID19Pandemic 

@ladygaga  is calling on tech developers to wage a war against #COVID19 

Thank you @ladygaga  for your amazing work looking out for so many people. That's some amazing work. Inspiring.

@ladygaga  is calling tech developers to wage a war against #COVID19 


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Also @ladygaga  is a fucking legend! Such a nice woman !!

Don’t Mess with Italian Girls......,,..,,,,,,,? @ladygaga  #winner  #starisborn  #oscar  #theparty  ???????? @JRart 

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thank u @ladygaga  and VP @JoeBiden  for bringing attention to sexual assault at the oscars. it hit very close to my heart for obvious reasons

@ladygaga@onedirection  Thank you very much as to you and your fans both really are some of the best congrats on a great performance

Morning everyone what a night yesterday was would like to thank @ladygaga  for her support yesterday and her extraordinary outfits ;)